Picture-less Day

We have the house open on this beautiful November Saturday!  It could be slightly cooler for my liking, but it’s still wonderful 😀

This morning I laid in bed for FOREVER just trying to figure out what I wanted to make for breakfast.  I was in a pancake mood, but I don’t have the best recipe…I thought about toast with eggs and fruit, but I will be having that tomorrow after my 11 mile long run…I thought about oatmeal because I never get stove-top oats at school and microwave oats just aren’t as good, but I a big bowl of oats just seemed heavy…a french toast sandwich would be over too quickly…A smoothie was nutritious enough, but I didn’t want anything cold and I have a lot of smoothies at school…  I was trying to have something lighter because I had a little too much dark chocolate last night and I really want to be able to fit into my favorite pair of jeans comfortably this winter.  I was completely at a loss as to what to make, so I went with my old stand-by that I knew was delicious AND nutritious enough to suit all my needs.  Oatmeal!  I thought it would be too heavy for my mood, but it turned out being fine.



In my bowl: 1/3 oats, 1/3 cup skim milk, 1/2 large banana (I ate the other half while cooking), 1 tbsp flax, 1/2 tbsp chia, apple pie spice (to change it up from regular cinnamon), vanilla.  All of that topped with PB2 mixed with 1/2 tbsp of regular pb and agave nectar.  This bowl was pretty good, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as some other bowls.  It seemed to go cold faster than usual…  I used PB2 instead of regular pb today to go a bit lighter, but I half wish I had just left it off all together.  The agave nectar was good, but it got kind of lost and I wished I had used honey instead!

Side story: Whenever someone else has cereal for breakfast I ALWAYS have to have a little bite of it.  For example, when Dad gets the box of cheerios out, he automatically pours a tiny handful into my hand.  If he has wheat squares, he always finds me a double one and leaves it on the side for me.  I don’t know how this started, really, but it is a very pleasant part of breakfast time 😀

Therefore, I also had a small handful of cheerios and 2 hooked-together wheat squares.

I ate that around 8:30am, and around 11am I made a home-made pumpkin spice latte and had some grapes to hold me over until lunch!


Pumpkin Spice Latte:

-2 cups prepared coffee (use whatever your favorite regular coffee is – I used decaf)

-1/3 skim milk – preferably organic (1 or 2% milk would be good in this too, but we didn’t have any)

-1 heaping tbsp pumpkin puree

-1 packet of Truvia (more or less depending on how sweet you like it)

-shakes of pumpkin pie spice

Combine the milk, pumpkin, and spice in a small saucepan.  Stir it all up until it’s smoothly combined.  Heat on the stove until the milk is steamy.  Combine coffee and milk.  Smile.

I recommend keeping the spoon in the mug so you can stir it.  The pumpkin settles at the bottom if you don’t.


I’m down to all decaf now and I think I am officially off caffeine!  All I had yesterday was a cup of green tea.  I’ll have to wait a little bit longer to see if it makes a big difference in my mood during the afternoon, but I think it has so far.

I worked at drank my latte until 12:30pm when I went to lunch with my best friend!



We went to Island Pasta & Company for lunch.  I was looking forward to this lunch because I’d never been to this restaurant before, but I was a little disappointed.  I got the grilled chicken entree.  It came with grilled vegetables, fried plantains, and a piece of bread brushed with olive oil.  It came with a TON of chicken and about 4 thin slices of grilled zucchini.  I ate about 1/2 the chicken, all the zucchini, all the plantains, and the piece of bread plus 2 thin slices of pita bread.  The chicken was just ok and I would have preferred 10 times as many vegetables.  The fried plantains were SO. GOOD.  I enjoyed every last bite of them 😀


After eating, we wandered around and spent some time in Joann Fabrics.  Sadly, lunch wasn’t very filling so I ate a Lemon Bar Larabar a couple of hours later.  That did the trick and was perfectly full.  When I got home a few hours later, I was really tired and crashed on the couch for a half hour.  Then we did some house stuff and I ate a snack at 6:30pm of pretzels (about 12), a few popchips (about 15), carrots, and hummus.  It was so good and the perfect size “meal” after my late lunch/snack.  For dessert I had just a few dark chocolate chips.


Super Foods of the Day:








dark chocolate




Other Healthy Foods:








Pretty good for a rest day!  I was on my feet a lot, though…

I’m off to go work on a little work before maybe reading in bed and turning the light out early for my long run tomorrow!  11 miles!


In Favor of Sleep + Shmancy Hotels

I had every intention of getting up at 6am this morning to hit the gym before Health class.  I even turned the light out at 9:30pm last night.  Well, I couldn’t fall asleep for about 45 minutes last night and I woke up at 11:45pm, 12:30am, 1:30am, 3 something, and 5:45am.  I probably woke up somewhere else in there, too, I just don’t remember!  I don’t know why I couldn’t sleep!  I was certainly tired enough…  When I woke up again at 5:45am I decided to re-set my alarm for 7am and skip my planned workout – I would workout in the evening if time permitted.  I have read multiple places that sleep is more important than exercise and a vital portion of health and well-being, so I thought this was the best option.  I woke up feeling much better than at 5:45am, so I think I made the right decision.

Once I was up, I made coffee (3/4 decaf – 1/4 regular) and set my computer up on bed.  I read a couple blogs for about 15 minutes while I drank my coffee, then drank my breakfast smoothie while doing some homework.



i had a picture, but it’s not showing up on the computer!

smoothie: banana, pumpkin, vanilla greek yogurt, laughing cow cheese wedge, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, spinach, chia, cinnamon.  Mmmmmmm.  I had about 10 Kashi crackers on the side, too.


After eating, I got a little homework done and then went to Health class.  After class was over, I power walked over to Chop’d & Wrap’d to grab a to-go wrap for lunch to eat in my room.  I had to eat early and fast in order to leave for the orchestra performance by 11:30am.




Wheat wrap with grilled chicken, chickpeas, a little feta, spring mix, cucumbers, a little raspberry dressing, and mushrooms.  It was good!  I had that plus some yogurt with cinnamon, Truvia, and berries mixed in.  Oh, and 1/2 of a Pure Leaf unsweetened iced tea that I bought with the wrap.

I practically inhaled this lunch in 15 minutes and had 5 minutes left to change and get out the door to go to the orchestra performance!  I wish I had had time to enjoy this lunch more because it was good…



I arrived at the orchestra room where we were meeting with 5 minutes to spare and I was the first one there!  Why does this always happen to me…  After waiting for 10 minutes, other people started trickling in and we eventually got our car assignments with who we were riding with and we were off.  I could have driven, by I’m still unfamiliar with the area and didn’t want to be stressed getting there and dealing with parking and such.  It turns out the guy that I was assigned to ride with had a really tiny, sporty car.  I got in (I was able to ride in front!), he turned the engine on, and I knew I wasn’t going to like it.  It was LOUD and my knees were right up against the dashboard.  We ended up waiting around for a while for the go-ahead to hit the road.  This event was rather unorganized.  I was unsure I was even going to get a ride for a while – all I was told to do was write my name on a sheet of paper.  Great.  I felt like I was being shuffled from place to place all the time.  Anyway, we finally got on the road and were able to follow another musician all the way there, which was very helpful because none of knew where we were going.  The Omni hotel is in downtown (!) and downtown is CONFUSING if you aren’t familiar with the area.

The driving was scary.  The guy kept accelerating because he wanted to stay right behind the guy we were following and it made me so nervous.  I got some good yoga breathing practice.  I would have taken pictures, but I was too busy breathing!  When we finally did get there I happily hopped out of the car and we found our way into the nice hotel.  When we walked in the front door all we say was a grand staircase and the hotel restaurant and we had no clue where to go.  With our hands full with our instruments and music stands, we hobbled down the hall to the only desk we could find and asked for the music conference we were supposed to be playing at.  The guy said to walk back down the hall and take the elevator on the right up to the second floor.  So, we hobbled back down the hall, found the elevator, went up to the second floor to find it empty.  We looked around, but saw no one.  *sigh*  More yoga breathing.  Finally, a member of our orchestra came around the corner and told us to go down the hallway, turn left, then right, then go into the Pensacola Room A.  Because that was self explanatory.  We found the room, warmed up, then were in a holding pattern for 20 minutes before finally going in to play!

We played two pieces, one from our previous concert, which only the first stands played in, and then we played the first movement of a Mozart piece (of which the name has escaped me at the moment).  It was so much fun and you could just see the joy on all of the music teachers’ faces when we were finished.  You could just tell that this is what they lived for.  They swayed with the music, their eyebrows went up and down with the lines of the phrases.  It was a beautiful moment!  We had to leave quickly, though, because they had a meeting directly afterwards they had to get to.

Well, we made our way back down stairs after many thanks from all the organizers of the conference, and made our way back to the school.  There was a bit of an issue getting back, but thanks to 4G and Google Maps on my phone, we were able to get back without getting lost 🙂

As soon as we were parked, we left the music stands we were transporting in the music room and I collapsed for 15 minutes on a chair in the Fine Arts building.  I was SO exhausted from the lack of sleep and stresses of the day.  I ate a Larabar while sitting.


After regaining some energy, I hurried back to the room, changed into workout clothes, chugged a bottle of water (I was pretty dehydrated) and left for the student union to to a little work before going to Student Nutrition Club meeting.

On my way there I spotted this truck:


$1 for a 4 minute video?  I’m not that desperate for a dollar.  Made me smile, though! 🙂


The meeting went really well and there was a guest speaker who is an RD and got her undergrad and grad degree here!  I really liked her and you could tell she was just so passionate about what she does.  She offered good information to think about for the future.



After the meeting I went to the gym for a workout.  I had planned a low-key workout of machines and a few weights but I never got to the weights.  I did 15 minutes on the stairmaster and 10 minutes on the elliptical and was done.  I couldn’t do anymore.  I was tired and hungry.  So, I left the gym and walked straight to the dining hall for dinner.




Bean soup (which I left most of the broth of – too salty) with wheat bread for dipping + collard greens (really good!) + salad with greens, mushrooms, carrots, dried cranberries, cheddar, applesauce, and egg.  SO good!


Now, I am going to run off to get ready for tomorrow!  I have my long Friday ahead of me, but Mom is coming to pick me up, so it has a good ending. 8)

Good Start, Tough End

I got up this morning after a lovely 9 hours of sleep!  I don’t get the best quality of sleep here at school, I always make sure to get enough quantity.  So, I was up at 7am to go for a run.  Before leaving I ate 8 Kashi crackers and 3 organic energy chews.  I was out the door by 7:30am.  My legs were feeling kind of tired, so I decided not to do a speed workout and try out the trails on campus.  I’m so glad I did!  It was beautiful with all the trees, the little lake, and the perfect temperature.  It was cloudy out, too, (big surprise) so it wasn’t too hot.

I ended up covering about 4 miles!  I did have to stop and walk a few times, though, because it was really muddy in places, the boardwalks were really slippery and crooked, and I was trying to figure out where to turn.  It was pretty wet and I had to turn back and go a different way a couple of times because of all the mud.  It was such a relaxing way to spend a Wednesday morning. 🙂

Photo          Photo          Photo

When I got back, I grabbed my breakfast from my fridge and dug in!



Base: plain yogurt with cinnamon, a little Truvia, pumpkin, sliced banana

Topping: 1/4 cup Bear Naked Maple Pecan granola, 2 tbsp chopped walnuts, ~1/2 tbsp chia seeds, a pumpkin muffin that you can’t really see here

Enjoyed al fresco!  This was so. good. 8)

After filling my tummy, I showered, stretched, and got ready for the day.  I did a few things on my computer, too, before heading out for Philosophy.


I am really enjoying taking coffee/tea to class with me.  It makes it so much more enjoyable!  This cup was made with 3/4 decaf and 1/4 regular.  I’m almost completely off caffeine!  When I do get down to all decaf, that’s not to say that I will never have caffeinated coffee again, I just won’t have it every day.


Philosophy got out early today!  Woo hoo!  It actually gets out early most days, which is fine by me.  I made quick trip back to my room to grab my laptop and an apple, then went to the dining hall for lunch.  I actually wasn’t all that hungry for lunch because I ate breakfast a bit later than usual, but it was now or never.


Veggie gumbo over brown rice (!) + salad with egg, cranberries, greens, mushrooms, olive oil & vinegar + apple from my room

This was pretty good, but not the best.  The gumbo was super spicy, which was kind of okay because it made me eat it slowly.  The salad was good and the apple was just okay, too.

Lately I have figured out that I function much better with 3 square meals a day.  Not 6 snacks per day.  I don’t really know why, but I just feel better when I do that.  On Monday I went from 12:30pm to 7pm without anything to eat!  (I did get hungry around 6:30pm, but I was in the middle of yoga.)

After lunch, I went to stats (so mentally exhausting today!) then went to the library to do work until dinner time.  I had the intention of getting 3 things done and I only finished 1 and 1/2!!!  That’s not because I was lazy and did nothing, it’s because stats took me 2 hours to get half of the assignment done.  Ugh.  I did get my lab read and my philosophy paper brain-stormed, though.


Roasted nut roll Uber bar.  I worked and ate at the same time.

I was planning on going to dinner around 6, but I never actually felt “satisfied” from lunch/snack and I needed a mental break from all the homework, so I went to dinner at 5:15pm instead.



Salad with greens, mushrooms, carrots, cheddar, 1/2 egg, cranberries, broccoli, vinegar & about 2 tsp. honey mustard dressing.  I cut up the black bean burger and put it on top.  Served with a wheat roll, which I could tell had been sitting in the case for a while…

It was good, I’m just getting a little tired of salads.  I LOVE salad, but I eat it every. single. day.  Most of the time twice a day.  It’s easy to find something healthy in the dining hall – it’s not easy to find different healthy things in the dining hall.

Now, I need to see if I can finish stats before heading back to the room and getting ready for tomorrow.  I have a big day – the orchestra is playing at a hotel downtown!!!


Edited to add that I had a mini peppermint pattie when I got back to the room.  I wanted dessert REALLY badly! 🙂

Wonderful Workouts

Well, I’m sad that I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday because it was the best Monday I’ve had in a while!  I was really busy, but it was still good.  I’ll just recap the workout because it was new!


Mixed Level Yoga:

I have been to yoga on campus before, but not this particular class.  The title was “mixed level yoga” which didn’t make sense to me because can’t all classes be mixed level?  I have been to a zumba class by this instructor before, but I LOVED this yoga class more!  I think sunrise yoga is more for relaxation, whereas this class was more strength-oriented.  Good to know!



I went to spin class tonight instead of Power Circuits because, honestly, I’m a little bored with Power Circuits.  It’s really very similar every week and I was really craving the intense cardio of spin.  It didn’t disappoint!  My favorite instructor was teaching, too 🙂



I had the same salad with lunch AND dinner today because 1. there was nothing better to eat and 2. it was so darn good!

Photo  Photo  That’s hummus on the side.  I was SO excited that they had some!

All of the flavors really meshed.


I have discovered oatmeal as a snack, too.  I will probably be having that from now on!


I wish I could have written more, but I need to go read for a few minutes before heading to bed by 10pm!

Flash Back Sunday

Today reminded me of a typical Sunday last fall when I was training for my first 1/2 marathon for my senior project.  Long run, yummy well-deserved breakfast, trip to Publix, lunch, and a tired afternoon.  🙂  Such memories…


10 Miles:

This long run was planned on a the most perfect day: extra hour of sleep, beautiful weather, being home.  As much as these things were good conditions for running, I think the thing that coaxed me out of bed this morning was the thought of a piece of pumpkin cinnamon bread with peanut butter on top.  I had that (and thoroughly enjoyed it!) and a couple handfuls of Honey Nut Cheerios about an hour before walking out the door.

Ever since I have started running more for training, my knees have just felt…more weak.  It’s hard to describe the feeling, but they just don’t feel as strong.  So, I have been being extra careful with them lately.  In the past, I have done two mid-week runs and 1 long run on the weekend, but for this race, I am only doing one mid-week run and 1 long run.  I’m not sure why, but I just tend to run better when I do it less often.  I workout in other ways, too, so it’s not like I’m sitting on my butt all day.

My goal for the 1/2 is 2:10, which might not seem very fast, but I am NOT a natural runner.  In the last 1/2 I ran, my time was 2:23 and the time in my first one was 2:41 (I was sick, though!).  Running is hard for me, but I still enjoy it and like pushing myself.  In order to reach my time goal for this race, I need to run at a 9:54 pace, which I think is very reasonable.

Before I started this run, I made sure to warm up, which included some stretches, squats, and lunges.  When I started running, I had a light workout jacket on, but ended up taking it off after the first mile.  It was the PERFECT temperature for running.  I felt pretty good for the first 3 miles, but it felt a little slower than usual.  Mom was riding her bike behind me, and she told me I was going 6.3 mph, so I guess it was faster than I thought!  At mile 5 I opened a vanilla bean Gu gel and started working on that.  Mile 5 was a really good time to start the fuel and it ended up working really well.  Mom also told me when I hit each mile, although I did have a route already planned out.  When she told me we were at mile 7, I started to realize that the route seemed like it was going to be longer than 10 miles.  I have run many routes around my home, so I know the distances pretty well and it seemed like way more than 3 miles to get back home.  By the time we got to about 8.5 miles I started feeling the typical long-run-tightness in my legs, hips, and lower back, but I was still feeling pretty strong.  I decided that whenever Mom said I hit 10 miles I would stop and walk the rest of the way home.  I finished strong in about 1:35!  That’s about a 9:36 pace and I am SO happy with that.  The route ended up being .6 miles longer than 10 miles!  I guess MapMyRun was off on their GPS.  It was okay, though, because I just walked the rest of the way, finished off my Gu, and cooled down.



When I got back, I stretched a little bit and then made breakfast.


2 scrambled eggs with colby jack cheese + pumpkin bread slice + banana.  The flavors really went well together and it was such a good breakfast! 😀  I usually have a smoothie post-run, but I wanted something salty today.

After polishing off that tasty plate, I showered and stretched a little more before going to Publix again to get my groceries for the week.  I didn’t get a whole lot, just 2 apples, some oats, bananas, and spinach.



After doing some stuff around the house I was hungry for lunch.

This was so. good.  It reminded me of the lunches I would have in high school 🙂


(Darn sideways picture!)

About 2 tbsp pb & apple slices on cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread, 2 more apple slices (for a total of 1/2 of a large fuji), baby carrots with hummus for dipping, 2% greek yogurt with cinnamon, truvia, 1/2 tbsp chia, and 1 tbsp ground flax

I ate everything except I left a tiny bit of the hummus and about 3 bites of the yogurt in the bottom.  Dad finished it off for me.



As soon as lunch was finished Dad and I made a trip to the bookstore.  We both love going to the bookstore in the afternoon and looking at things.  We don’t always buy books, but I had a gift card and a few things on my mind I wanted to look for.

I only found 1 of the books I was looking for, which was Eat, Pray, Love.  I really wanted a good bed time book and this seemed like a good one.  Ever since I finished re-reading the Harry Potter series this summer I have been book-less!  I started reading it in the children’s section while waiting for Dad to finish up.



When we got home, I did a few things around the house, then it was time for dinner.  I was really excited about tonight’s dinner because it was lasagna!  My mom makes really good lasagna and it’s one of my favorite meals.



I started with a salad:


spring mix with feta, pineapple, and homemade dressing (olive oil, honey, mustard)

Then came the main event:


Look at all that cheese…

I know there is bread in the picture above, but I didn’t have any of this bread.  I had a small piece that was cut off the end of the loaf before toasting.  I love the ends.

This dinner was really satisfying and left my tummy content.


Caffeine Update:

When I was on my way to Publix this afternoon I started feeling a slight headache and it hit me that I had completely forgotten to have coffee when I came back from running!  I don’t think that has ever happened to me before.  I decided to just go with it and see how it turned out.  Well, the headache just stayed kind of there throughout the afternoon, but it didn’t get any worse.  Around 6pm I finally broke down and took some ibuprofen, though.  I’m really happy I was able to go most of the day without caffeine!


I know there’s some carrot cake in the fridge, but hopefully I’ll be able to escape with just a couple of bites and be satisfied.

Now I’m going to finish up one assignment before getting ready for tomorrow and reading in bed!

Pumpkin Obsessed

Get ready, because pumpkin was involved in every meal today 8)

I got to sleep in this morning! Yay!  I hate sleeping in when I’m at school for some reason, so it was nice to get some extra sleep today.



I was going to make a nice breakfast this morning but seeing as I woke up later than usual (around 8:30am), I realized that by the time I actually made something, it would be at least 9:30am and I was already really hungry.  So, I nixed that idea and decided to make something quicker, but still really yummy: oatmeal!  🙂  To make it more special, though, I put some extra stuff in it.  I actually stood in the kitchen for quite a while trying to decide what I wanted.  Dad was having toasted waffles with pb and honey and that sounded good, but I wanted a big bowl of oatmeal, too….  So I combined them!


In the pan: 1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup milk, 1 cup water (my stove runs super hot and it cooks too quickly if I don’t put that much in), dash of salt, 1/2 really large banana, 1/2 tbsp chia.

Post-cooking, I turned off the heat and stirred in 1/3 cup 2% cottage cheese, big dollop of pumpkin puree, 1 tbsp ground flax,  dash of apple pie spice (we didn’t have any pumpkin pie spice), and a splash of vanilla extract.

On top of the oats, I plopped on some pb (I didn’t measure, but probably not quite 1 tbsp) and honey drizzle (again, I didn’t measure, but probably a little more than 1/2 tbsp).  WOW that was a lot of ingredients!


See the honey puddles to the left!?  SO, so good.  I took the first bite and said out loud “I think this is one of the best bowls of oatmeal I’ve ever made.”  I loved all the different flavors and textures.

I love stove-top oats way more than the microwave oats I make in my dorm room…. *sigh*  Microwave oats just aren’t as creamy.

After breakfast, Dad and I took my doggie on a short walk, then I got down to work for a little bit.  I finished a Health online quiz and a bio lab post-lab quiz!



That breakfast lasted me to 1pm!  I decided to get a little creative for lunch today, seeing as I had an entire kitchen at my fingertips.


WW wrap w/ laughing cow cheese wedge, pumpkin, spring mix lettuce, mushrooms sauteed in about 1/2 tbsp olive oil + about 3/4 cup 2% cottage cheese (we ran out of yogurt!) with apple pie spice and golden raisins mixed in.  Afterwards, I added some crumbled Kashi Autumn Wheat cereal to the top.  That made it SO much better!

After adding cereal:


(Side note: I don’t know why some pictures are sideways.  It’s driving me nuts!)

I worked for a little bit longer after lunch before I realized that the house was quiet and the kitchen was calling to me.  So, I made the pumpkin bread that I originally wanted to make last night.

Afterwards, I went to Publix to get dinner ingredients.



Butternut squash soup + salad + pumpkin bread


The soup wasn’t as good as the first time I had it, but it was still good for a quick soup!  I added cinnamon and a tad of cocoa powder to the soup for some spice.  The salad was just simple spring mix with reduced fat feta and an equal-part-honey-mustard dressing.  The bread was by far the highlight, though!  I followed the recipe from Eating Bird Food.  I followed it exactly except I replaced 1/4 cup of the sugar with the equivalent of Truvia (1tbsp + 2tsp).  I also didn’t have any WW pastry flour so I followed her recommendation and used 1 cup all purpose and 2/3 cup WW.  It turned out fabulously and got 2 thumbs up from everyone!  I went back for another 1/3 of a piece.

I didn’t realize that I had pumpkin at every meal until after dinner!  Ha!


Evening with Friends:

After dinner I went on a walk with Dad and on the way home we saw my best friend outside!  I ended up going over to her house across the street because her parents fixed up her mom’s old violin for her and she wanted me to help her tune it.  We had such fun playing around.  I taught her how to tune it and how to read a few notes!  Afterwards, I left while they ate dinner, but they invited me back later that evening for homemade apple pie.  Oh my goodness.  Talk about apple yummy pie.  It was different than normal pie because it was made in a cast iron skillet and then placed in the oven.  It had a thin crispy crust on top as opposed to a thick one.  No picture because it was a social occasion and I didn’t think it was right.  I was just enjoying being with some of my best friends.  I had a small serving, and I estimated it to be about 300 calories, but I honestly have no idea of the exact amount.

Now I’m off to bed in preparation for my long run tomorrow.  10 miles!

2-Banana Kind of Day

That it is!  The day started with a delicious smoothie that I prepped last night:


Along side a pumpkin muffin!  Mmmm…

Then I went to bio lab and we got out an hour early!  Woo hoo!

I celebrated by going back to my room and making a cup of green tea:


Then I called Mom and decided that it was probably best for me to come home this weekend.  I had originally planned on staying here, but I don’t have a good place to do my long run of 10 miles for this weekend and we both would feel better if I did it at home.


Lunch was provided by the campus Starbucks today.


Veggie hummus sandwich on ciabatta with 2% greek yogurt from my room and a banana.  So good!  This banana + the one in my smoothie this morning makes a total of 2 for the day.  I think the most bananas I’ve ever eaten in a day is 3…maybe 4!?  I LOVE them!

Philosophy and stats went okay (although, I did get another paper assigned in philosophy 😦 ).  Then I was on the way home!  I was able to get back to my room to pack things up and load the car, so I got out a few minutes earlier than usual. 🙂  It didn’t make much of a difference, though, because traffic was crazy.  That’s Friday afternoon rush hour for you!

When I got home homemade burritos were waiting for me for dinner.


Afterwards, I watched a couple TV shows with Mom and Dad and now my bed is calling to me.  The light should be out by 10pm!

Happy Friday!

Happy Halloween!

I cannot believe it is October 31 already!  I can just see my dad and sister standing in my empty dorm room unloading my stuff like it was yesterday.


Well, my original plan was to go to 7:30am spinning this morning, but even with all my studying yesterday afternoon I still felt like I needed more time.  And by the time I got back and showered I would have only had an hour to study before lunch and then the test.  Therefore, spinning was vetoed, but I planned to go to the 5:30pm class later.

When I woke up at 6:30am I got dressed, drank my coffee (with 30 min. of The Little Vampire-my sister and I love that movie and I’m sad we can’t watch it together this year!), and ate breakfast.

Photo  Photo

Pumpkin overnight oats made with 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 container 2% greek yogurt, enough almond milk to make it liquid-y, 1 tbsp chia, dollop of pumpkin, 1 small ripe mashed banana, & 1 tbsp maple almond butter.  I realized I forgot cinnamon when I was 1/2 way through eating it, but didn’t bother going to get some.  It was good the way it was!

The coffee question: Lately, I have been experiencing an afternoon slump where my mood drops and I get really tired.  At first, I just thought that was normal and everyone gets them (and I’m a morning person, so I’m bound to get more tired throughout the day).  But I had a thought the other day that it might be the caffeine has worn off.  So, in an effort to figure out if the coffee is causing my slump, I am attempting to cut back on caffeine.  I have been drinking 2 cups of regular coffee every day for almost a year.  I am now splitting the coffee and making it with half regular and half decaf.  I don’t really notice a taste difference, so it’s not a big deal flavor-wise for me.  I had a slight headache that went in and out all day yesterday, but that could have just been the day, not the coffee.  I eventually want to get down to all decaf, but we’ll see how 1/2 and 1/2 goes for now.


My Halloween morning was celebrated with my cute fuzzy candy-corn colored socks.  I actually don’t like candy corn, but the socks are so adorable!



I got to wear my Halloween kitty shirt!  I wait for the day all year when I can wear this shirt.

I spent the rest of the morning studying for bio.  Energy is so. complicated.  But it just goes to show that what you put in your body is so important.  If you feed your body junk, you are going to feel like junk.

I’m glad glad I didn’t go to spinning this morning, because I really appreciated the extra time.  I also felt a little dizzy, oddly enough, so it’s good that I took it easy this morning.  I feel better now, though!


Lunch was kind of strange today.  The dining hall was Halloween themed and I think they took it a bit far….pink tofu, red “beet”ing hearts, earth worms (pasta).  None of the stuff they prepared looked good to me so I made my own creation.

Photo  Photo

Big salad + turkey/cranberry/swiss/mustard sandwich on whole wheat.  Yum!

I wanted something sweet and the dining hall had grapes today (which is a rare occurrence) so I had a bowl of those too.


The bio test went just okay.  I know I didn’t fail, but I don’t think I got an A like on the last two.  You know when the professor sends out an email after class that says “don’t panic about the test,” that there was something wrong.  Ha!  (He is actually a very good and reasonable professor, so I don’t mean to lead you to believe that he isn’t.)

I hurried off to orchestra after I finished my test, excited that I was actually going to get there on time, when I realized that the conductor was traveling and it was sectional day.  Fine, all I had to do was find the viola sectional.  Then I remembered that we had a sectional on Monday and the only people I saw around were violinists.  I asked where it was, but no one knew!  I waited around and looked for some time, then I concluded that all the other sections must have been excused from class.  So I walked back to my room, picked up some books, then headed to the library to read Philosophy, read Lab, and finish stats homework.


I ate a Larabar for a snack with stats.

While attempting to read Philosophy, I was sitting in my comfy library chair and really wanted to go downstairs and get a cookie from the Halloween party that they were having.  (Ironic right?  A party in a library!?)  I resisted for 45 minutes, then finally gave in.  I decided that at least I was choosing to have this treat and not just overeating because I felt deprived.  No picture, because my phone was upstairs with my stuff!  It was oh so good, though 😀


After the library, I went back to my room to change, then I was back out the door on my way to spin class.  Yes, instead of going to parties or eating all the candy, I went to spinning on Halloween!  It was such a good class and I’m so glad I went!  My favorite instructor was sub-ing for the regular instructor, so I new it was going to be good when I walked in.  Good music, good instructor, good class atmosphere.  The man who was on the bike to my right was really nice and we’ve seen each other in classes before.  He started saying encouragements over the music at me when he thought I was feeling tired.  How nice!


Dinner was vegetable-rific tonight!  Quite rare for Halloween….


Salad and a bowl of root vegetable stew with peas on top.  It was REALLY good stew!  I went back for a second bowl:


Now I’m off to swing by the Halloween party being thrown by my dorm and then off to bed!  I’ve got an early day tomorrow.  Hopefully I won’t be too tempted by the candy that is bound to be there!

Happy Halloween!!!

So. Much. Studying.

My alarm went off at 7:10am this morning and my body felt soooo heavy!  I could have just sunk right into the mattress.  I actually thought about staying in bed for more rest, but then I remembered that my phone alarm was going to go off in a few minutes if I didn’t get up.  😦  And naturally, as soon as I got up I figured I might as well do the run I had planned.

I ate 1/2 serving of Kashis before I left.


Sorry, for the horrible photo.  It’s dark in my dorm room without the lights on and I couldn’t see much.

My run was tough, but I’m glad I still did it because it started my day off on the right foot.  I got to see the most beautiful sunrise, too!



After I got back I ate the breakfast I prepped last night: yogurt bowl with banana, pumpkin, cinnamon, a little Truvia, and topped with 1/2 cup granola, 2 tbsp walnuts, and chia.  It was a nice change of pace from oatmeal and smoothies.


I then showered and got ready for the day.  The shower felt especially good this morning.  And my whole body is SORE from Power CIrcuits class last night.  I think the instructor was having a bad day and she definitely made us work harder!


I took my coffee to Philosophy class today.  I even used a pink highlighter because I was determined that I was going to have a good day and get a lot done!





Vegan shepherd’s pie and a salad.  The dining hall makes really good vegan shepherd’s pie!  I went back for seconds that were about 1/2 the size of my first serving.



We got our tests back in stats today!  Wow, they were really swift with grading considering there are like 150 of us.  I got an 87%, which isn’t as good as I thought I would get, but it’s still a good grade!  I heard two people say they got a 27% and a 41%….

After stats I headed straight to the library and worked for 3 hours studying for my biology test tomorrow.  I went back to the room at lunch time and cut an apple for me to eat for a snack:


I had originally planned on getting a latte from Starbucks as part of my snack, too, but I didn’t feel like leaving my table and taking the time to go get one.  I wasn’t that hungry, anyway, and the apple ended up being enough.  Vegan shepherd’s pie from lunch held me over well!

After stuffing as much info as I could about cellular respiration into my head, I decided to go get dinner:


Bulked up tomato basil soup with navy beans and a rice-black-bean-stuffed red pepper.  I ate 2 bites of the stuffed pepper and realized that it was 2 bites too many.  It was not good.  I did finish all my soup and beans, though.  Afterwards, I was still wanting something a little bit more so I decided on one of my sweet berry salads.


It was only small and the perfect addition.


Now, I’m off to go try and finish some stats homework before heading back to the room to get ready for bed.  I’m going to try to go to spinning in the morning, but it depends on how much work I have to do.  I might go in the evening.

See you for Halloween!

I <3 Long Drives & Chickpeas

Before I get to today, let me recap my busy, but productive Sunday.



Power pumpkin pancakes with pb smooshed in the middle with honey drizzle


Macaroni and cheese with barilla plus noodles, 2 wedges laughing cow cheese mixed with a dollop of pumpkin (tasted better than it sounds!), broccoli, topped with parm. + 2% greek with applesauce and cinnamon

Photo  Photo

The girl scouts caught us on the way out of Publix!  We went ahead and did my shopping yesterday so we wouldn’t have to do it this morning.  It was a huge time saver.  5 of those + unreal snickers

Wrote an entire essay in one afternoon.  Whew!  I think it’s good though.


Unfortunately candy isn’t very filling so I needed a little something before going running.  I had about 1/2 this piece of sister’s sourdough from Panera.


Sweet & sour pork on top of peas and 1/2 cup brown rice.  It was especially good this time!  I never used to like it when I was little, but I’m glad I grew into it 🙂

The rest of the evening was spent finishing up homework and prepping for the trip back to school.  And relaxing with a Hallmark movie before bed!  I love them in a cheesy, gushy sort of way 8)



Photo  Photo

Oatmeal at 6:15am before getting on the road.  1/2 banana included with 1 tbsp pb, cinnamon, walnuts, and maple pecan granola.  Yum.

Mom and I stopped for more coffee on the way at Dunkin Donuts.  I got a small latte with skim (my favorite).  Annnnnnnd we couldn’t leave a doughnut shop without getting doughnuts so we got some plain glazed holes.   So. good.  I was good and treated my self to ONE.  Not the whole dozen like I wanted!

I studied for stats for about 1/2 the drive up, but Mom and I still had fun 😀


Chickpea cakes (I went back for one more after this was taken) + salad w/ egg, cranberries, cheese, and more chickpeas.  I ❤ chickpeas.  These were coated in just a little spicy sauce and they were lovely!  A little dry, but still good for the dining hall.

Photo  Photo

REALLY good peach and a pumpkin muffin from home for snack.  I brought most of them back with me and put them in the freezer for grab-and-go breakfasts and snacks.  Yummy!  I used a variation of a couple recipes, so I’ll have to post the recipe I followed.


I worked on Health homework throughout the afternoon and put my clothes away and sheets on the bed.  (I hate put sheets on my bed that is against the wall.  Such a pain.)

Stats test went well!  I was really nervous about it because it covered a LOT of material, but it was really similar to our weekly quizzes, so I think I got a good grade 🙂

I just got back from eating dinner early-ish at 5:45pm because I want to shower before my  viola sectional at 8pm tonight.  Who decided to do it that late???  I’m going to get ready as much as I can now so that I can get to bed as early as possible.


Tomorrow I don’t know what my schedule is going to be because it depends on when I get to bed.  I might get up and go the gym around 6:30am, but if I don’t get to sleep until later I’ll probably go to Power Circuits at 4:30pm like usual.  I was just hoping to get in an AM workout instead of PM.  I feel so much better when I do it that way!

Happy Monday!