Freshman: 2nd Semester

This semester has been very different from the last!  I actually didn’t think that last semester was all that difficult, and although I still had to work hard, it wasn’t has bad as some of my high school years!



Monday: 9 – 11:50am Chem Lab, 6 – 8:45pm Basic Principles of Human Nutrition (<— My first actual nutrition class!)

Tuesday: 8 – 9:15am Intro to Rhetoric & Narrative (basically English), 1 – 2:50pm Orchestra, 3:05 – 4:20pm Chem Lecture

Wednesday: no classes, I honestly don’t know how I pulled that one off!  It’s just how my schedule worked out this time.

Thursday: same as Tuesday

Friday: no classes


Who knew you could go to college and only have classes 3 days a week!?  It adds up to 14 credit hours, too.


So far, I am not loving chemistry as much as I did biology, but it’s still not bad.  However, I am in love with my basic principles of nutrition course!  Love, love, love it (although that is to be expected from a nutrition major 8)).


Tuesdays are probably one of the hardest days for me just because they are so LONG.  It starts with English, which can be kind of boring, but, overall, I really like my professor and she makes it pretty entertaining.  I’ve been really lucky to have some great English teachers over the years.  I always seem to avoid the bad ones!  I’m not complaining, though.  Afterwards, I typically sit in the library with a cup of coffee for a couple of hours before lunch.  Then comes the long afternoon, and then I go to spinning!  Spinning is, by far, the highlight of my Tuesdays.  It’s taught by my favorite instructor and always has music and energy.


I call Wednesdays my “coffee shop” days because I love to go to either Sippers or Starbucks and work all morning.  I just love the business crowd and getting off campus.


Thursdays are when I come home!!!  Yay 🙂


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