Surviving the Holidays Nutrition Workshop

Well, it’s been a pretty quiet week for me with no Health class today and no bio lab tomorrow.  I finished my philosophy paper last weekend, so I only have some edits to do now, and I finished stats yesterday afternoon (my Wednesday afternoons are almost always dedicated to stats homework!).  But, today I worked out my schedule so I could attend a Holiday Survival Guide Nutrition Workshop!



I had planned to go to Sippers this morning for breakfast to take advantage of Health class being canceled.  That would have meant going to spin class at 5:30pm, which I was totally fine with, until I found out about the workshop going on from 5-6pm.  So, in favor of attending the workshop, I decided to attend the 7:25am spin class instead to free up my evening.

It was really tough for me to motivate myself to get out of bed this morning and if I had only had one alarm set, I would have turned it off and gone back to sleep.  I didn’t have a class until 12:15pm after all!  But, alas, that is the beauty of setting 2 alarms and placing one strategically across the room.  As always, once my feet hit the floor, I thought I might as well go because I was already up.  I ate an apple on my (cold!) walk to the gym.  The weather app on my phone has stopped working, so I didn’t know how cold it was going to be.  (I have since downloaded a new, working weather app.)  With frozen fingers and toes, I walked into the spin room just 2 minutes early to find the instructor had only just arrived.  I got in the room, hurriedly set up my bike, and started pedaling to warm up.  I looked at the clock and it was 7:25am exactly and there were 2 people, including myself.  We didn’t end up starting until 7:35am – 10 minutes late!  More people trickled in late for up to 30 minutes after the class was supposed to start.  I knew this instructor wasn’t my favorite because I have attended this class once before, so I just told myself I was going to do my best.  I was trying to work really hard and before I knew it we seemed to be done.  I looked at the clock – it was 7:20am.  That means the instructor started 10 minutes late and ended 5 minutes early.  What!?  I was very frustrated.  This class was just not taken seriously and it seemed like very few people were fully committed to being there.  Ugh!  At least my workout was done…

After walking back across campus and grabbing a breakfast of cereal (Total + Cheerios w/ skim and banana) in the dining hall, I went back to the room, showered, worked for a little bit, then it was time to head to early lunch before bio. 



I really wasn’t hungry, but it was then or at 3pm and I knew I wouldn’t last until then, so 11:15am it was.  I had a salad, bean soup, and a wheat roll.

I went to bio, orchestra, then came back to the room to have a snack of greek yogurt with unsweetened cocoa powder, Truvia, granola, and trail mix.  This snack was bigger than I intended, but I didn’t feel like I’d really over eaten, so maybe I just needed more food than I thought?  After eating and relaxing for a few minutes, I went to go fill up my car with gas, so I wouldn’t have to before leaving tomorrow.  I get to register for classes at 3:45pm, which is right in the middle of my drive home!  So, my solution is that I’m going to drive until I get to a good exit that has a restaurant with free wifi and I’m going to stop there, set up my computer, and register for Spring classes as soon as 3:45pm hits!  I have scoped out all the exits and in order to get to the one that I want to, I’m going to need to leave as soon as I get out of stats tomorrow afternoon!

I quickly made my trip to the gas station, then came back and left for the nutrition workshop.


Holiday Survival Guide Workshop:

This workshop was SO fun and I’m really glad I worked it out in my schedule so that I could go.  It was done by a dietetic intern who I met about a month ago at a different workshop.  She is super nice and even remembered my name!  I have gotten to know her and the dietitian on campus and I’m really glad I have.  They are such nice people and terrific resources for me.

Anyway, we went through a lot of tips to be the healthiest you can be in amongst all the temptations at this time of year.  We got healthier versions of classic holiday recipes, recipe modification tips, and free prizes!  I won a cute lunch box.  I’m going to take the recipes and tips home and share them with my family this weekend!  They were really good, because many of them I had never heard before.  I read quite a bit and go to workshops all the time, and sometimes it seems like I just get the same tips over and over again.  There were some common ones in there (drink more water, move more), but there were some new ones in there, too (picking the foods that you enjoy the most and leaving the things you could live without).  I will be sure to implement as many of these tips as possible this holiday season!


I’m off to go make a smoothie for breakfast tomorrow and then get ready to come home tomorrow!


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