In Favor of Sleep + Shmancy Hotels

I had every intention of getting up at 6am this morning to hit the gym before Health class.  I even turned the light out at 9:30pm last night.  Well, I couldn’t fall asleep for about 45 minutes last night and I woke up at 11:45pm, 12:30am, 1:30am, 3 something, and 5:45am.  I probably woke up somewhere else in there, too, I just don’t remember!  I don’t know why I couldn’t sleep!  I was certainly tired enough…  When I woke up again at 5:45am I decided to re-set my alarm for 7am and skip my planned workout – I would workout in the evening if time permitted.  I have read multiple places that sleep is more important than exercise and a vital portion of health and well-being, so I thought this was the best option.  I woke up feeling much better than at 5:45am, so I think I made the right decision.

Once I was up, I made coffee (3/4 decaf – 1/4 regular) and set my computer up on bed.  I read a couple blogs for about 15 minutes while I drank my coffee, then drank my breakfast smoothie while doing some homework.



i had a picture, but it’s not showing up on the computer!

smoothie: banana, pumpkin, vanilla greek yogurt, laughing cow cheese wedge, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, spinach, chia, cinnamon.  Mmmmmmm.  I had about 10 Kashi crackers on the side, too.


After eating, I got a little homework done and then went to Health class.  After class was over, I power walked over to Chop’d & Wrap’d to grab a to-go wrap for lunch to eat in my room.  I had to eat early and fast in order to leave for the orchestra performance by 11:30am.




Wheat wrap with grilled chicken, chickpeas, a little feta, spring mix, cucumbers, a little raspberry dressing, and mushrooms.  It was good!  I had that plus some yogurt with cinnamon, Truvia, and berries mixed in.  Oh, and 1/2 of a Pure Leaf unsweetened iced tea that I bought with the wrap.

I practically inhaled this lunch in 15 minutes and had 5 minutes left to change and get out the door to go to the orchestra performance!  I wish I had had time to enjoy this lunch more because it was good…



I arrived at the orchestra room where we were meeting with 5 minutes to spare and I was the first one there!  Why does this always happen to me…  After waiting for 10 minutes, other people started trickling in and we eventually got our car assignments with who we were riding with and we were off.  I could have driven, by I’m still unfamiliar with the area and didn’t want to be stressed getting there and dealing with parking and such.  It turns out the guy that I was assigned to ride with had a really tiny, sporty car.  I got in (I was able to ride in front!), he turned the engine on, and I knew I wasn’t going to like it.  It was LOUD and my knees were right up against the dashboard.  We ended up waiting around for a while for the go-ahead to hit the road.  This event was rather unorganized.  I was unsure I was even going to get a ride for a while – all I was told to do was write my name on a sheet of paper.  Great.  I felt like I was being shuffled from place to place all the time.  Anyway, we finally got on the road and were able to follow another musician all the way there, which was very helpful because none of knew where we were going.  The Omni hotel is in downtown (!) and downtown is CONFUSING if you aren’t familiar with the area.

The driving was scary.  The guy kept accelerating because he wanted to stay right behind the guy we were following and it made me so nervous.  I got some good yoga breathing practice.  I would have taken pictures, but I was too busy breathing!  When we finally did get there I happily hopped out of the car and we found our way into the nice hotel.  When we walked in the front door all we say was a grand staircase and the hotel restaurant and we had no clue where to go.  With our hands full with our instruments and music stands, we hobbled down the hall to the only desk we could find and asked for the music conference we were supposed to be playing at.  The guy said to walk back down the hall and take the elevator on the right up to the second floor.  So, we hobbled back down the hall, found the elevator, went up to the second floor to find it empty.  We looked around, but saw no one.  *sigh*  More yoga breathing.  Finally, a member of our orchestra came around the corner and told us to go down the hallway, turn left, then right, then go into the Pensacola Room A.  Because that was self explanatory.  We found the room, warmed up, then were in a holding pattern for 20 minutes before finally going in to play!

We played two pieces, one from our previous concert, which only the first stands played in, and then we played the first movement of a Mozart piece (of which the name has escaped me at the moment).  It was so much fun and you could just see the joy on all of the music teachers’ faces when we were finished.  You could just tell that this is what they lived for.  They swayed with the music, their eyebrows went up and down with the lines of the phrases.  It was a beautiful moment!  We had to leave quickly, though, because they had a meeting directly afterwards they had to get to.

Well, we made our way back down stairs after many thanks from all the organizers of the conference, and made our way back to the school.  There was a bit of an issue getting back, but thanks to 4G and Google Maps on my phone, we were able to get back without getting lost 🙂

As soon as we were parked, we left the music stands we were transporting in the music room and I collapsed for 15 minutes on a chair in the Fine Arts building.  I was SO exhausted from the lack of sleep and stresses of the day.  I ate a Larabar while sitting.


After regaining some energy, I hurried back to the room, changed into workout clothes, chugged a bottle of water (I was pretty dehydrated) and left for the student union to to a little work before going to Student Nutrition Club meeting.

On my way there I spotted this truck:


$1 for a 4 minute video?  I’m not that desperate for a dollar.  Made me smile, though! 🙂


The meeting went really well and there was a guest speaker who is an RD and got her undergrad and grad degree here!  I really liked her and you could tell she was just so passionate about what she does.  She offered good information to think about for the future.



After the meeting I went to the gym for a workout.  I had planned a low-key workout of machines and a few weights but I never got to the weights.  I did 15 minutes on the stairmaster and 10 minutes on the elliptical and was done.  I couldn’t do anymore.  I was tired and hungry.  So, I left the gym and walked straight to the dining hall for dinner.




Bean soup (which I left most of the broth of – too salty) with wheat bread for dipping + collard greens (really good!) + salad with greens, mushrooms, carrots, dried cranberries, cheddar, applesauce, and egg.  SO good!


Now, I am going to run off to get ready for tomorrow!  I have my long Friday ahead of me, but Mom is coming to pick me up, so it has a good ending. 8)


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