Flash Back Sunday

Today reminded me of a typical Sunday last fall when I was training for my first 1/2 marathon for my senior project.  Long run, yummy well-deserved breakfast, trip to Publix, lunch, and a tired afternoon.  🙂  Such memories…


10 Miles:

This long run was planned on a the most perfect day: extra hour of sleep, beautiful weather, being home.  As much as these things were good conditions for running, I think the thing that coaxed me out of bed this morning was the thought of a piece of pumpkin cinnamon bread with peanut butter on top.  I had that (and thoroughly enjoyed it!) and a couple handfuls of Honey Nut Cheerios about an hour before walking out the door.

Ever since I have started running more for training, my knees have just felt…more weak.  It’s hard to describe the feeling, but they just don’t feel as strong.  So, I have been being extra careful with them lately.  In the past, I have done two mid-week runs and 1 long run on the weekend, but for this race, I am only doing one mid-week run and 1 long run.  I’m not sure why, but I just tend to run better when I do it less often.  I workout in other ways, too, so it’s not like I’m sitting on my butt all day.

My goal for the 1/2 is 2:10, which might not seem very fast, but I am NOT a natural runner.  In the last 1/2 I ran, my time was 2:23 and the time in my first one was 2:41 (I was sick, though!).  Running is hard for me, but I still enjoy it and like pushing myself.  In order to reach my time goal for this race, I need to run at a 9:54 pace, which I think is very reasonable.

Before I started this run, I made sure to warm up, which included some stretches, squats, and lunges.  When I started running, I had a light workout jacket on, but ended up taking it off after the first mile.  It was the PERFECT temperature for running.  I felt pretty good for the first 3 miles, but it felt a little slower than usual.  Mom was riding her bike behind me, and she told me I was going 6.3 mph, so I guess it was faster than I thought!  At mile 5 I opened a vanilla bean Gu gel and started working on that.  Mile 5 was a really good time to start the fuel and it ended up working really well.  Mom also told me when I hit each mile, although I did have a route already planned out.  When she told me we were at mile 7, I started to realize that the route seemed like it was going to be longer than 10 miles.  I have run many routes around my home, so I know the distances pretty well and it seemed like way more than 3 miles to get back home.  By the time we got to about 8.5 miles I started feeling the typical long-run-tightness in my legs, hips, and lower back, but I was still feeling pretty strong.  I decided that whenever Mom said I hit 10 miles I would stop and walk the rest of the way home.  I finished strong in about 1:35!  That’s about a 9:36 pace and I am SO happy with that.  The route ended up being .6 miles longer than 10 miles!  I guess MapMyRun was off on their GPS.  It was okay, though, because I just walked the rest of the way, finished off my Gu, and cooled down.



When I got back, I stretched a little bit and then made breakfast.


2 scrambled eggs with colby jack cheese + pumpkin bread slice + banana.  The flavors really went well together and it was such a good breakfast! 😀  I usually have a smoothie post-run, but I wanted something salty today.

After polishing off that tasty plate, I showered and stretched a little more before going to Publix again to get my groceries for the week.  I didn’t get a whole lot, just 2 apples, some oats, bananas, and spinach.



After doing some stuff around the house I was hungry for lunch.

This was so. good.  It reminded me of the lunches I would have in high school 🙂


(Darn sideways picture!)

About 2 tbsp pb & apple slices on cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread, 2 more apple slices (for a total of 1/2 of a large fuji), baby carrots with hummus for dipping, 2% greek yogurt with cinnamon, truvia, 1/2 tbsp chia, and 1 tbsp ground flax

I ate everything except I left a tiny bit of the hummus and about 3 bites of the yogurt in the bottom.  Dad finished it off for me.



As soon as lunch was finished Dad and I made a trip to the bookstore.  We both love going to the bookstore in the afternoon and looking at things.  We don’t always buy books, but I had a gift card and a few things on my mind I wanted to look for.

I only found 1 of the books I was looking for, which was Eat, Pray, Love.  I really wanted a good bed time book and this seemed like a good one.  Ever since I finished re-reading the Harry Potter series this summer I have been book-less!  I started reading it in the children’s section while waiting for Dad to finish up.



When we got home, I did a few things around the house, then it was time for dinner.  I was really excited about tonight’s dinner because it was lasagna!  My mom makes really good lasagna and it’s one of my favorite meals.



I started with a salad:


spring mix with feta, pineapple, and homemade dressing (olive oil, honey, mustard)

Then came the main event:


Look at all that cheese…

I know there is bread in the picture above, but I didn’t have any of this bread.  I had a small piece that was cut off the end of the loaf before toasting.  I love the ends.

This dinner was really satisfying and left my tummy content.


Caffeine Update:

When I was on my way to Publix this afternoon I started feeling a slight headache and it hit me that I had completely forgotten to have coffee when I came back from running!  I don’t think that has ever happened to me before.  I decided to just go with it and see how it turned out.  Well, the headache just stayed kind of there throughout the afternoon, but it didn’t get any worse.  Around 6pm I finally broke down and took some ibuprofen, though.  I’m really happy I was able to go most of the day without caffeine!


I know there’s some carrot cake in the fridge, but hopefully I’ll be able to escape with just a couple of bites and be satisfied.

Now I’m going to finish up one assignment before getting ready for tomorrow and reading in bed!


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