2-Banana Kind of Day

That it is!  The day started with a delicious smoothie that I prepped last night:


Along side a pumpkin muffin!  Mmmm…

Then I went to bio lab and we got out an hour early!  Woo hoo!

I celebrated by going back to my room and making a cup of green tea:


Then I called Mom and decided that it was probably best for me to come home this weekend.  I had originally planned on staying here, but I don’t have a good place to do my long run of 10 miles for this weekend and we both would feel better if I did it at home.


Lunch was provided by the campus Starbucks today.


Veggie hummus sandwich on ciabatta with 2% greek yogurt from my room and a banana.  So good!  This banana + the one in my smoothie this morning makes a total of 2 for the day.  I think the most bananas I’ve ever eaten in a day is 3…maybe 4!?  I LOVE them!

Philosophy and stats went okay (although, I did get another paper assigned in philosophy 😦 ).  Then I was on the way home!  I was able to get back to my room to pack things up and load the car, so I got out a few minutes earlier than usual. 🙂  It didn’t make much of a difference, though, because traffic was crazy.  That’s Friday afternoon rush hour for you!

When I got home homemade burritos were waiting for me for dinner.


Afterwards, I watched a couple TV shows with Mom and Dad and now my bed is calling to me.  The light should be out by 10pm!

Happy Friday!


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