Happy Halloween!

I cannot believe it is October 31 already!  I can just see my dad and sister standing in my empty dorm room unloading my stuff like it was yesterday.


Well, my original plan was to go to 7:30am spinning this morning, but even with all my studying yesterday afternoon I still felt like I needed more time.  And by the time I got back and showered I would have only had an hour to study before lunch and then the test.  Therefore, spinning was vetoed, but I planned to go to the 5:30pm class later.

When I woke up at 6:30am I got dressed, drank my coffee (with 30 min. of The Little Vampire-my sister and I love that movie and I’m sad we can’t watch it together this year!), and ate breakfast.

Photo  Photo

Pumpkin overnight oats made with 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 container 2% greek yogurt, enough almond milk to make it liquid-y, 1 tbsp chia, dollop of pumpkin, 1 small ripe mashed banana, & 1 tbsp maple almond butter.  I realized I forgot cinnamon when I was 1/2 way through eating it, but didn’t bother going to get some.  It was good the way it was!

The coffee question: Lately, I have been experiencing an afternoon slump where my mood drops and I get really tired.  At first, I just thought that was normal and everyone gets them (and I’m a morning person, so I’m bound to get more tired throughout the day).  But I had a thought the other day that it might be the caffeine has worn off.  So, in an effort to figure out if the coffee is causing my slump, I am attempting to cut back on caffeine.  I have been drinking 2 cups of regular coffee every day for almost a year.  I am now splitting the coffee and making it with half regular and half decaf.  I don’t really notice a taste difference, so it’s not a big deal flavor-wise for me.  I had a slight headache that went in and out all day yesterday, but that could have just been the day, not the coffee.  I eventually want to get down to all decaf, but we’ll see how 1/2 and 1/2 goes for now.


My Halloween morning was celebrated with my cute fuzzy candy-corn colored socks.  I actually don’t like candy corn, but the socks are so adorable!



I got to wear my Halloween kitty shirt!  I wait for the day all year when I can wear this shirt.

I spent the rest of the morning studying for bio.  Energy is so. complicated.  But it just goes to show that what you put in your body is so important.  If you feed your body junk, you are going to feel like junk.

I’m glad glad I didn’t go to spinning this morning, because I really appreciated the extra time.  I also felt a little dizzy, oddly enough, so it’s good that I took it easy this morning.  I feel better now, though!


Lunch was kind of strange today.  The dining hall was Halloween themed and I think they took it a bit far….pink tofu, red “beet”ing hearts, earth worms (pasta).  None of the stuff they prepared looked good to me so I made my own creation.

Photo  Photo

Big salad + turkey/cranberry/swiss/mustard sandwich on whole wheat.  Yum!

I wanted something sweet and the dining hall had grapes today (which is a rare occurrence) so I had a bowl of those too.


The bio test went just okay.  I know I didn’t fail, but I don’t think I got an A like on the last two.  You know when the professor sends out an email after class that says “don’t panic about the test,” that there was something wrong.  Ha!  (He is actually a very good and reasonable professor, so I don’t mean to lead you to believe that he isn’t.)

I hurried off to orchestra after I finished my test, excited that I was actually going to get there on time, when I realized that the conductor was traveling and it was sectional day.  Fine, all I had to do was find the viola sectional.  Then I remembered that we had a sectional on Monday and the only people I saw around were violinists.  I asked where it was, but no one knew!  I waited around and looked for some time, then I concluded that all the other sections must have been excused from class.  So I walked back to my room, picked up some books, then headed to the library to read Philosophy, read Lab, and finish stats homework.


I ate a Larabar for a snack with stats.

While attempting to read Philosophy, I was sitting in my comfy library chair and really wanted to go downstairs and get a cookie from the Halloween party that they were having.  (Ironic right?  A party in a library!?)  I resisted for 45 minutes, then finally gave in.  I decided that at least I was choosing to have this treat and not just overeating because I felt deprived.  No picture, because my phone was upstairs with my stuff!  It was oh so good, though 😀


After the library, I went back to my room to change, then I was back out the door on my way to spin class.  Yes, instead of going to parties or eating all the candy, I went to spinning on Halloween!  It was such a good class and I’m so glad I went!  My favorite instructor was sub-ing for the regular instructor, so I new it was going to be good when I walked in.  Good music, good instructor, good class atmosphere.  The man who was on the bike to my right was really nice and we’ve seen each other in classes before.  He started saying encouragements over the music at me when he thought I was feeling tired.  How nice!


Dinner was vegetable-rific tonight!  Quite rare for Halloween….


Salad and a bowl of root vegetable stew with peas on top.  It was REALLY good stew!  I went back for a second bowl:


Now I’m off to swing by the Halloween party being thrown by my dorm and then off to bed!  I’ve got an early day tomorrow.  Hopefully I won’t be too tempted by the candy that is bound to be there!

Happy Halloween!!!


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