I <3 Long Drives & Chickpeas

Before I get to today, let me recap my busy, but productive Sunday.



Power pumpkin pancakes with pb smooshed in the middle with honey drizzle


Macaroni and cheese with barilla plus noodles, 2 wedges laughing cow cheese mixed with a dollop of pumpkin (tasted better than it sounds!), broccoli, topped with parm. + 2% greek with applesauce and cinnamon

Photo  Photo

The girl scouts caught us on the way out of Publix!  We went ahead and did my shopping yesterday so we wouldn’t have to do it this morning.  It was a huge time saver.  5 of those + unreal snickers

Wrote an entire essay in one afternoon.  Whew!  I think it’s good though.


Unfortunately candy isn’t very filling so I needed a little something before going running.  I had about 1/2 this piece of sister’s sourdough from Panera.


Sweet & sour pork on top of peas and 1/2 cup brown rice.  It was especially good this time!  I never used to like it when I was little, but I’m glad I grew into it 🙂

The rest of the evening was spent finishing up homework and prepping for the trip back to school.  And relaxing with a Hallmark movie before bed!  I love them in a cheesy, gushy sort of way 8)



Photo  Photo

Oatmeal at 6:15am before getting on the road.  1/2 banana included with 1 tbsp pb, cinnamon, walnuts, and maple pecan granola.  Yum.

Mom and I stopped for more coffee on the way at Dunkin Donuts.  I got a small latte with skim (my favorite).  Annnnnnnd we couldn’t leave a doughnut shop without getting doughnuts so we got some plain glazed holes.   So. good.  I was good and treated my self to ONE.  Not the whole dozen like I wanted!

I studied for stats for about 1/2 the drive up, but Mom and I still had fun 😀


Chickpea cakes (I went back for one more after this was taken) + salad w/ egg, cranberries, cheese, and more chickpeas.  I ❤ chickpeas.  These were coated in just a little spicy sauce and they were lovely!  A little dry, but still good for the dining hall.

Photo  Photo

REALLY good peach and a pumpkin muffin from home for snack.  I brought most of them back with me and put them in the freezer for grab-and-go breakfasts and snacks.  Yummy!  I used a variation of a couple recipes, so I’ll have to post the recipe I followed.


I worked on Health homework throughout the afternoon and put my clothes away and sheets on the bed.  (I hate put sheets on my bed that is against the wall.  Such a pain.)

Stats test went well!  I was really nervous about it because it covered a LOT of material, but it was really similar to our weekly quizzes, so I think I got a good grade 🙂

I just got back from eating dinner early-ish at 5:45pm because I want to shower before my  viola sectional at 8pm tonight.  Who decided to do it that late???  I’m going to get ready as much as I can now so that I can get to bed as early as possible.


Tomorrow I don’t know what my schedule is going to be because it depends on when I get to bed.  I might get up and go the gym around 6:30am, but if I don’t get to sleep until later I’ll probably go to Power Circuits at 4:30pm like usual.  I was just hoping to get in an AM workout instead of PM.  I feel so much better when I do it that way!

Happy Monday!


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