Fast Friday + Home!!!

Today was certainly a jam packed day, but it wasn’t that bad and had the potential to be much worse!

I was up bright and early at 6am to get ready for 8am bio lab.  After relaxing for a bit and enjoying my cup o’ joe I ate breakfast, got ready and was off to start a very long day.  (Fyi: When I make my coffee, I usually have 2 “cups” measured on the carafe, with maybe a tsp of truvia – I never measure – and milk.  Thy type of milk varies depending on what I;m going to eat for breakfast or how hungry I am.  It’s usually either organic skim or unsweetened vanilla/chocolate almond milk.)


Breakfast still in the dark of the early morning:


Mini whole wheat bagel w/ 3 tbsp. almond butter (I don’t usually eat that much nut butter at one time, but I needed this breakfast to last me 5 1/2 hours) + banana + 2% greek yogurt w/ chia, cinnamon, & truvia mixed in

I loved this breakfast because there were lots of different parts to it.  I like tasting all different flavors when I eat!


Bio lab this morning lasted for the whole 3 hours leaving me only 10 minutes to get to philosophy.  Lab doesn’t usually last the whole time, so it’s not a huge deal, but I don’t like feeling rushed.  Anyhow, philosophy was better than usual today and I think the class is looking up a little and doesn’t completely have that staring-into-an-abyss-of-darkness feeling anymore.  Whew!



I thought about getting lunch at the campus Starbucks today, but I ultimately decided that a salad and something else from the cafeteria sounded better, oddly enough.


black bean burger atop a greens w/ a hard boiled egg and cheddar + half veggie sandwich w/ mustard, lettuce, and tomato

I still wanted something more after this, so I went for some cantaloupe


I had about two of these plates


Post-lunch I went to stats then I got to pack to come home!!!  I didn’t have time to pack the night before due to the long philosophy lecture, but I’m getting better at consolidating my stuff and knowing what to pack/what not to pack, so it’s getting easier.

Dad came to pick me up today because I actually have quite a bit of homework this weekend and I wanted the car ride home to study.  This also meant that someone would drive me back up on Monday, which the  morning much easier!

On the way home we also snacked on some grapes that I neglected to photograph.


As soon as we got home at 5:30pm, we were both hungry and lucky for us, Mom had dinner ready. 😀  Taco salads!  (It’s actually pretty funny that we had taco salads tonight because at lunch today they had some chili available at the soup counter and I literally had a bowl in one hand and the ladle in the other ready to have a bowl of it, but I ultimately decided against it because it didn’t look very good.  They called it chili, but I think it was just a bunch of leftover beans that they threw into a pot with some broth.)  Lucky I didn’t have any or I would have had chili twice today.


This looks like a small portion, but I wasn’t really.  1 cup of the best vegetarian chili in the world w/ a tbsp reduced fat sour cream and a sprinkling of feta.  I also had some tortilla chip pieces that probably equaled out to about two chips and 3 bites of Mom’s salad that she didn’t finish.


After dinner I went on a short 1 mile walk with Mom, then we all settled in and watched tv for a bit.  I ate 1 1/2 graham cracker sheets for dessert (so 3/4 serving).


I am so excited to be home in my own bed and am now I’m ready to turn the light out to get some sleep for tomorrow.  I’m super excited to get my butt kicked in 2-hour spin class!


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