Busy Busy Tuesday

Monday and Tuesday were whirlwind days and I still have soooo much to do.  I’ve got a bio lab writing assignment due on Friday and a Philosophy paper due on Monday…on top of the regular Stats practice problems and bio lab reading each week.  I much prefer tests, rather than papers and assignments.  I find the easier to prep for!  But I guess that means next week will be better because I have a Stats test on Monday and a Bio test on Thursday.  Both are rather large portions of my grades so I know what I will be doing this weekend: Philosophy paper, stats practice, bio studying.



Overnight oats on a rainy, dark morning served in the container so I wouldn’t have to wash another dish.  This bowl was especially good!  Made with 1/3 cup oats, yogurt, chia, skim, pumpkin, banana, and topped with trail mix.


Sugar cookie tea in Health class



I know this salad doesn’t look appealing, but it was good!  2 small slices of cranberry garden loaf over greens, sauteed veggies, cheddar, and extra cranberries for the top.


Photo  Photo

Chickpea stew with a big salad (egg + cheese + cranberries + greens + mushrooms + chickpeas).  Vinegar for dressing.  It was yummy!


I’m off to read in bed until 10pm!  Up at 6 tomorrow for in-room yoga, then it’s back to work, work, working!


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