Halloween 5k Weekend

This weekend was a busy one, with too much to do and too little time, but it was an awesome one, none the less!



Photo Banana-pumpkin oatmeal made topped with a big blob of maple almond butter 🙂

I was about ready to keel over by the time I got home on Friday!  The started with a stressful 8am lab (mostly because two of my lab partners don’t get along well), continued to a frustrating philosophy class, a hectic lunch hour, and a confusing stats class.  Whew!

Back up to lunch, though.  Philosophy got out 20 minutes early (!) and I had plans to pack up the car during my lunch hour.  I thought it would be more time efficient if I went packed up the car first, then went to lunch so I wouldn’t be worrying so much.  I was kind of hungry when around 10:30am when I was sitting outside the philosophy classroom waiting to go in, but I didn’t have enough time (or energy/patience) to go get anything.  But I wasn’t that hungry, so it wasn’t too bad.  After class, I made two trips to the car to load up my stuff then headed to lunch.  By this time I was really hungry because it had been a good 5 hours since breakfast and I had been doing a lot of moving around (lab + car loading).  I was super excited about lunch, though, because I was going to go a store on campus that sells really good wraps.  And I was craving a hummus-veggie wrap really badly!  I even bought a fruit cup from another store and brought a cup of 2% greek yogurt from my room to make it an especially filling and tasty meal.  So, I walked up to the wrap store, all excited and absolutely starving only to find the place completely dark and closed!  My shoulders slumped.  I resigned myself to going to the dining hall.  I walked back down campus to the dining hall only to get there after a group of elementary students all in bright red t-shirts evidently on some sort of field trip.  I was most certainly NOT waiting in that line.  I didn’t have the time or patience.  It was now 12:15pm.  If I didn’t find somewhere to eat very soon I’m not going to have enough time to eat before stats.  I thought about other places I could go: chick fil a – the line was too long, student union – too far away, back to my room – no way.  Then it hit me: the campus Starbucks!  I saw sandwiches when I was in there the other day AND it is in the building right next to my stats class!  I power walked back up campus hoping that there wouldn’t be too many people in line…only one person ahead of me!  Woo hoo!  I look in the glass case to see what kind of sandwiches they had and what did I see?  A hummus and veggie sandwich on ciabatta bread…exactly what I wanted in the first place.  Needless to say, I savored every single bite of my lunch. 🙂


I ended up getting on the road at a really good time, but traffic was bad.  Ugh.  I was sooooooo tired (and hungry) by the time I got home.  I fixed myself a sandwich and had some left over green beans, and pineapple for dinner.  I (of course) had dessert too. 🙂  A moosetracks cookie, two rolo bites (that a neighbor brought over), and an unjunked “Snickers” bar.  Probably more dessert than I needed, but, hey I was doing 10 miles the next day.  I needed the fuel, right?  😉

Photo  Photo  Photo

In bed at 10pm!


I woke up at 7am to go run 7 miles.  I actually had 10 miles on my half marathon training plan, but I was doing a 5k in the evening with my sister and wanted to get in the other 7.  Mom rode her bike with me, but I just was NOT feeling it.  I realized that I was probably really tired from Friday, and dehydrated because I was driving all Friday afternoon and didn’t drink a ton of water.  I was keeping a good pace, but I just wasn’t into it and ended up walking the last mile. 😦  I was disappointed the run didn’t go well, but I know that they can’t all be good!

After I got back, I quickly showered, drank my breakfast smoothie, and got to work for a couple of hours before sister and I went out to lunch and to go costume shopping for the Halloween-themed 5k that evening.

Breakfast smoothie:


Lunch at Nature’s Table!  I got a Southwest Taco Salad:


It was a bed of lettuce topped with vegetarian chili, tortilla chips, sour cream, monterrey jack cheese, and a small spoonful of smashed avocado. I ate it all except for about half the sour cream. Yum!

We had originally planned on me being a cat and sister being a belly dancer.  (Interesting combo, right?)  Well a belly dancer costume was harder to find than we expected, so she decided that she could be a lady bug.  So off we went to a Halloween store to find a lady bug costume.  As we were looking around, we saw an Indian costume and then it hit us: she could be Pocahontas and I could be Mico!  It was perfect.  We bought the costume, went to Target to get a black shirt for me and some spray paint to make my tail striped (because raccoons have striped tails).

Then we made our way home, I got an hour more of homework done, snacked, then it was time for us to get ready!


Photo  Photo

1/2 cup 2% cottage cheese with pumpkin, cinnamon, and Kashi crackers

Sister and I changed into our respective costumes and she made a cute nose and whiskers on my face with eye liner.  We were ready!


We got there in plenty of time to use the bathroom and take pictures before starting.  I thought we had the best costumes 🙂

Some of the other costumes we saw included: Fred Flintstone, a couple was dressed as a firefighter and a dalmatian, princesses, one other Indian, one guy had fake money taped all over him, basketball players from the 80s, someone was a woopy cushion, a banana, a couple other cats, a cheetah, and then there were the regular zombies and ghouls.

Before we knew it we were off!  There was a record number of people there for this race (almost 1300!), so we knew that it wasn’t going to be easy to go the pace we wanted to sometimes.  We also knew that I ran 7 miles that morning and that my legs were probably not going to want to push the pace.  So we had every intention of just running and not paying too much attention to pace or anything like that.

Mile 1: We started out well and my legs felt OK.  At the middle/end of mile 1 my calves were on fire and I knew it was just because I did a long run in the morning and I probably hadn’t warmed up very well.  There wasn’t any air flow either and it was crazy humid.  I expected that to happen.  We just kept trucking along and we ended up getting a pretty good time (I think it was around 9:22)!

Mile 2: My calves didn’t hurt anymore and I was feeling REALLY good!  My legs felt powerful and I would have never known that I had run 7 miles only a few hours previously.  We kept up the good pace (maybe even picked it up a bit!).  All I saw when I passed the clock was an 18 and I got so excited that I wasn’t feeling awful.

Mile 3.1: This was definitely the longest mile.  And on a slight incline.  Ugh.  They made us work for that finish line!  We picked it up during this mile a little, too, but not drastically.  (Side story: there was a little girl, maybe 4 years old, that was standing on the sidelines cheering and when she saw me her face lit up and she said “Go kitty!  Go, go, go!  You’re a kitty and I love kitties!”  It was the cutest thing!)  During the last 1/3 to 1/4 of a race I always get a rush of nerves and it makes my breathing harder, which isn’t great.  It also usually causes cramping under my left rib.  We finally see the finish line and I soon told her that I was ready to sprint to the finish!  We ended up passing quite a few people in the last stretch and would have lost her if I hadn’t grabbed her hand at the last second.  We crossed the finish line holding hands 🙂

I was so entirely thrilled with how well I ran despite my poor long run in the morning that I didn’t much care what my time was.  It was just something fun I did with my sister.  I think the not-so-great morning run was a blessing in disguise.  If I had really pushed it, I might not have done so well at the race.  But, nevertheless, we went to go get our net times.  We knew it was around 28 minutes.  We get the the scoreboard: sister sees her name and she got 3rd place in her age group and I got 2nd place in mine!  We had an overall time of 27:45 and an average pace of 8:56!  We couldn’t believe it!!!  A run that had plenty of things working against us turned out to be one of the best runs we’ve done.  I guess all my interval work is paying off.

Photo A tombstone award-how cute!

We hadn’t planned on it, but because we placed, we ended up sticking around for the awards ceremony.  They were supposedly providing dinner for us but all it ended up being was meatballs and chicken wings (bone-in I might add).  I had 3 1/2 meatballs and didn’t touch the wings – I don’t do bone-in anything.  I didn’t even bother trying to take a picture-it was so dark!

Photo How pretty!

After waiting a long time, we finally claimed our awards and were on the way home when we realized that we were all hungry, so we stopped by Publix at 9:15pm and picked up a couple frozen pizzas and peanut butter cup froyo for dinner.  We didn’t end up eating until about 10pm, but it was still so much fun!

Photo  Photo  Photo

After filling my tummy, I took a quick shower and turned the light out at 11:30pm.  I was TIRED.  Zzzzzzzz………….



I slept in and woke up at 8:45am and it felt glorious.  I don’t sleep in when I’m at school, just because I have other things I’m doing or places I’m going.  However, I do make sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep as much as I can.  I don’t usually get quite 8 hours on Fridays because I get up early for bio lab, but that is just 1 day out of 7, so I think I’m ok.

I had coffee + breakfast for an hour then it was off to do homework.


A Kashi waffle + a power pancake (which I still need to post the recipe for…) which I had made put in the freezer the last time I was home.  It toasted up quite well!  Topped with frozen blueberries, which I defrosted in the microwave, mashed and stirred flax into to make a kind of compote/syrup topping.  It was a nice change!  I also topped both some agave and had a little bit of peanut butter for fork dipping.  Banana on the side.

Most of the day was devoted to homework, (I have a major lab writing assignment and a philosophy paper due next week), although I did make time to check the race website every 5 minutes to look at pics from the race as they were uploading them 🙂

Mid-morning snack with bio lab:




Odd combo, but: sandwich on ezekial bread with a laughing cow cheese wedge, pumpkin, spinach, and mustard + 1 1/2 slices leftover spinach and feta pizza + bites of the other pizza + the majority of a cup of yogurt

A little later I took a study break and had a piece of unjunked candy again…not so sure if it’s a good thing that these don’t contain junk…I may eat too many….  I also had some pineapple and crackers.


After my mind feeling fried after doing a ton of work, I needed to take a breather and hopped in the pool for a while as a nice post-long-run swim.  It felt oh-so-good to be in the pool.  Followed up with a little strength and lots o’ stretching!



Mom made lentil soup and salad!  One of our very favorite recipes…

Photo  Photo


It was a fabulous weekend!  I’m off to go get ready for the week!


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