I thought it would be a good idea to share what a typical week is like for me as a college freshman.  My weeks are rarely predictable and never the same, so this is just the “backbone” of what makes up my weeks.

My weeks definitely ramp up as the days roll on (which can be tough on my mental endurance)! Here’s my fall freshman schedule:

Monday/Wednesday: 11am philosophy/1pm stats

Tuesday/Thursday: 9:25am community health/12:15pm bio/1pm orchestra
          *note: bio and orchestra overlap but the conductor allows me to come late! 🙂

Friday: 8am bio lab/11am philosophy breakout/1pm stats breakout

Mondays aren’t the most interesting days but they aren’t that hard. On Tuesdays I have better classes = more fun. Wednesdays are, again, not that interesting, but by this time I have more work to do so it’s better. Thursdays are the fun classes again, and I usually have more work to do preping for Friday. FRIDAYS! The hardest day of the week. I don’t mind having bio lab first thing, but labs make me nervous (something always seems to go wrong…) so it’s not exactly the most relaxing way to start the day. The good thing is that it almost always gets out early so I have some time to either go back to my room or get to philosophy early. Philosophy doesn’t often get out early but I have a good hour for lunch, so that’s a nice break before I go to stats.

Fyi: I am SO happy I was able to take orchestra!  It brightens my day 😀

Fridays are even MORE hectic when I come home for the weekend!  I don’t mind, though, because coming home is fun 🙂  And I kind of like the open highway driving in a way….

So that is pretty much a typical week for me!  Keep in mind that this I do homework, work out, practice viola, eat, sleep, read blogs, and do other stuff in between, too!


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