Best Weekend Ever

This weekend was one of the most amazing weekends I can remember!  Mom and sister came up to visit and we spent all of Saturday together eating and shopping!


The day began with a lovely breakfast at Sippers!  I ❤ Sippers soooo much.

Mom and I both got the same thing: oat-wheat bagel with egg, Canadian bacon, and cheese.  My goodness it was yummy 🙂


Served with a foamy latte


After we were all energized, we headed out to Town Center to do some shopping!  Sister had never been before and she will be leaving soon so we decided a shopping day was in order.  Fine by me!  We spent the entire day going in and out of shops and enjoying the gorgeous weather.  One of the highlight purchases of the day included my graduation present from sister.  She wanted to get this for me when I actually graduated but we had trouble finding one that fit all the criteria, but we finally found one in the Fossil store!

Our breakfast lasted us around 5 hours and we didn’t stop for lunch until 2pm when we hopped into California Pizza Kitchen.  Even though we went to a pizza place, none of ordered pizza!  We started off with some soft Focaccia bread with olive oil and spices:


For our entrees we all got different salads.  I usually don’t order salads at restaurants because I can get a salad at home and pretty much anywhere, but this salad sounded  unique and incorporated a ton of my favorite flavors, so I just had to try it:

Quinoa and Arugula Salad – it had lots of arugula, roasted veggies, and goat cheese.  Mmmm!  SO good.


With our stomachs full, we went out and did more shopping through the afternoon.  We did a lot of window shopping,  but we also made a lot of great purchases, too, including a few Christmas presents and things that we needed.

Because we ate our big meals earlier in the day, we decided to just get dessert for dinner instead 🙂  Cheesecake Factory!!!

Mine:  a HUGE piece of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting


Mom’s: apple cobbler cheese cake


Sister’s: lemon raspberry cheesecake


I only got through about a third of my doorstop of a piece of cake before boxing the rest of it up!  I also had a couple bites of the other two.

After that we headed to one more store before making the way back to my room for the evening so they could get on the road home.  The day was filled with healthy food, not-so-healthy food, lots of walking, talking, shopping, and fun! I absolutely LOVED having them here!  Best. Day. Ever.


As part of Space Coast Half Marathon training, I was scheduled to do 9 miles this weekend, but I was kind of worried about this run for a couple of reasons:

1. I didn’t have a route.  My college campus is pretty small and it’s hard to get in more than 4 or 5 miles with getting really bored, so I was looking for other places to run.  Well, my family doesn’t know the area really well yet and we were uncomfortable with me running somewhere unknown, so either needed to do my long run on campus, a shorter run, or not at all.

2. I was on my feet the ENTIRE day on Saturday because of shopping and was worried that my feet would be sore and tired.

3. I only have two hands, but I have to carry a phone, hand water bottle, room key, and fuel with me.  When I did 8 miles last weekend, I was at home and made a mental note to carry fuel with me for any run longer than 8 miles.  There was no way I was going to be able to carry all of that.  I am looking into getting some sort of belt/backpack for running, but I’m still on the search.

So, because of all of these reasons, I decided that I could just do a shorter run of 4 miles on Sunday morning.  I am a week ahead on my training anyway and it would be fine.

I set off having absolutely no goals for the run except get in a few miles.  Well, I got to about the 3 mile point and realized that I was feeling pretty good, so I picked up the pace a little and decided to try a small out-and-back street.  Around mile 5 I was still feeling good so I decided to go off onto another street that I had not ventured down yet to see what it was like.  It took me out to the HUGE parking lot and the organic garden by the outskirts of the school and there was even a nice side walk!  I went around there a little bit and then decided that I was only about 2.5 to 3 miles short of 9 miles and that I might as well do a couple more off-shoots to get it in.  So, I ended up having a GREAT 9 mile unplanned run…and without any fuel!  I probably could have had a little bit more energy towards the end if I had had a gummy or part of a Gu or something, but I’m not complaining!  I wasn’t too bored either, but that might have been due to the fact that I had some wonderful Pandora tunes aiding me.  I might have burned off all the dessert-dinner from the previous night….or maybe not….

With my day off to a fabulous start, I stretched, drank a smoothie for breakfast (with coffee of course) and got all my laundry and cleaning done.  Woo hoo!  Hooray for productive days!  After that I went to lunch, studied, then made a quick trip to the Target and Publix for the week.


I made the trip to Target because they have a pretty good price on frozen organic berries, but I am so glad that I went because I made another wonderful purchase, too!  Can’t reveal that one until this weekend, though!

At Publix I got mainly fresh produce including bananas, organic apples & pears, organic spinach, an avocado, chocolate coconut water, almond milk, and yogurt.

By the time I got back and unloaded my groceries it was time for me to head to the dining hall for dinner and get back to the room to prep for the week.

I got to bed early because I was TIRED from all the shopping on Saturday and the long run in the morning!

It was a fabulous weekend!


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