Surprisingly Delicious and Nutritious Dinner


A few days ago I spent an afternoon making a whole bunch of oatmeal pancakes in different ways, so I could freeze them and then reheat them when I needed them.  This morning I reheated one made with egg whites and banana.  It was good, but it would have been better homemade…as everything tends to be.

I topped it with about a cup of plain yogurt with cinnamon and stevia, a BUNCH of fresh fruit, and about a tablespoon of chopped walnuts.  I read about omega 3s in Food Cures last night, so I now I am definitely going to try to get more of them in my daily routine!  I knew they were important before, but now I understand why.

~483 calories


I headed to the gym late morning today so that I would get home around lunch time.  That didn’t work as well as I’d hoped because I didn’t end up sitting down to lunch until 1:45. 😦  I was hungry!

~450 calories burned



Anyway, lunch was a spinach salad with chopped mushrooms, steamed carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower, 7 almonds, feta cheese, a little bit of chicken, and homemade dressing.  To change up my normal dressing (honey + mustard), I added a little splash of orange juice!  It was good, but I think I “splashed” a little too much because it was a pretty strong citrus-y dressing.  Good, though.

10 Dr. Kracker Seedlander crackers on the side.  I’m in love with them!

About 2/3 cup plain yogurt with cinnamon, stevia, and 1 tbsp. ground flax (again, trying to up my omega 3s!).  I actually really enjoyed this!  Sometimes I don’t like a ton of chunky stuff mixed into my yogurt, but this was really good.

Side note: I say “about” with the yogurt, because I don’t actually measure it.  I don’t really see the point in dirtying a measuring cup just for that.  If it were for a recipe, I would measure it, but not for this.

I also had a serving of unpictured cheddar popchips.  I didn’t plan on having these, but I LOVE potato chips.  They didn’t do much for me nutritionally, but they satisfied a craving.

Oh, I almost forgot!  I had a kombucha with lunch as well.  I had to run some errands after they gym, so I had a Passionberry Bliss Kombucha to help tide me over until I could get a proper lunch.  It was awesome!  Love, love, love….

~623 calories.  A little higher than I wanted, but it was a late lunch and I had just come from the gym, so it’s not a huge deal.


A tiny piece of pumpkin bread that I found on the counter.  I didn’t need it, but it was kind of impulsive.  Grrr!  I’m trying not just eat things because they are there!

I did more college preping this afternoon including picking pictures to hang on my walls, sorting through all the stuff I have gotten, washing sheets, making a pretty block schedule with all sorts of colors (!!!), testing Skype, and some other random little things.  As boring as it may sound, it’s kinda fun!  I love making schedules and organizing things.

But the extra big lunch really filled me up, so that was all I had for snack today.  I guess it all balances out.


Dinner was especially good tonight!  My mom found a recipe for a chicken salad in the back of the book she just finished, so she decided to try it out.  SO. GOOD.  I am pretty picky about my chicken salad.  I don’t like complete mush with tons of mayonnaise, but I don’t like really dry stuff just to save fat, either.  When my mom first started making it, I didn’t think it would be good.  It mixed things like pecans and cheddar cheese.  Which just sounded bizarre.  But it was good.  Too good.  I went back for a second bite.  Then a third. And a fourth.  And so on….  I didn’t even bother putting it on a piece of bread or crackers!  Just straight from the bowl was fine by me!

It is surprisingly light for a top-notch chicken salad, too!  It does use mayonnaise, but my mom put in light instead of the full fat stuff. 🙂  She also took all the skin and fat off the rotisserie chicken before she used it.  The cheese was full fat, but there was only a half cup for about 8 servings (that is my estimate number of servings, the recipe did not specify).  I think the little bit of extra fat is worth it for this recipe.

Anyway, so I ended up eating dinner before I planned on it AND before I needed it, but, oh well.  I did have a banana with it to add in some fresh produce!

Total dinner calories (for the chicken salad and banana): ~482


Because of my early dinner I got kinda hungry around 8 and I had around 200 calories left, so I had a piece of Ezekiel toast with the Laughing Cow light cheese and about 2 tsp. almond butter.  I also had 1/2 of a Ghiradelli Raspberry chocolate that I split with my sister. 🙂

~202 calories



1835 (food) – 450 (exercise) = 1385 calories.  Yes!  I am only 15 calories under my goal NET so I’m pretty pumped!  After dinner I had a major cookie craving, but I satisfied my sweet tooth with something much healthier.

Hope you had a wonderful day!


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