For the first time in years I took a bubble bath last night!  And it was wonderful….  When I got out of the tub I was sleepy and ready for bed.  Whenever I take baths it’s like my muscles turn into jelly.  I got the best night’s sleep EVER last night and woke up feeling really heavy, but well-rested this morning.  Coffee quickly took away the heavy-ness. 🙂


I was really looking forward to breakfast this morning, but it turned out simply OK.  We went grocery shopping yesterday and got a boatload of fruit, so I wanted to use some of it up.  When we have a lot of fruit I always struggle with which one to have: do I have a whole single piece of fruit, or do I cut it all up and have a bite of everything.  When it comes to bananas, I go bananas. 😉  I LOVE them and would eat multiple per day.  But I know that there are soooooo many other fruits out there, and not just bananas.

So, I decided to taste test everything this morning and cut up a bunch to have over some cereal.  (Note: it was more like having cereal over my fruit, there was so much of it!)

Served with a cup of cold organic skim.

0 (3072×2304)

~432 calories


I was also really looking forward to lunch today because it was leftover lentil loaf. (Aka: my favorite thing in the world.  I could eat the thing and feel no shame 🙂

But, once again, my lunch was tasteful, but nothing special like I thought it would be. 😦

It was a smorgasbord of leftovers in the fridge: lentil loaf, 1/4 serving homemade chicken salad with 10 Kashi crackers, spinach salad with feta and honey mustard, cinnamon raisin Ezekial toast, and leftover steamed squash.

I ended up throwing away half my chicken salad because I don’t think it saved very well in the fridge.  I also added a few cheddar garlic croutons and almonds to my salad to make up for the lack of chicken salad.  I was still hungry when I finished, so I had a mini babybel.  This seemed to fill a bit of a void in my tummy.  I was also lacking dairy yesterday and am trying to have a little bit more today.

~ 628 calories  Ahhh!  That’s what I get for impulsively adding croutons, but my mom had them out, I couldn’t help myself!  I love anything cheesy and garlicky. ❤  I was really hungry at lunch today, though, so maybe I just needed the extra fuel.

This next week is going to be full of college prep including “making a list, checking it twice,” and a whole lot more college-y stuff!  (<—– did you get that Christmas song reference???)  Should be exciting, though!



I didn’t really want to eat anything, but I wanted some energy for my workout, so I ate the Chobani Key Lime Flip that I bought the other day.  It was good!  Especially the white chocolate chips ❤  I ate about 3/4 of it and gave the rest of it to my sister.  I also had a few grapes.

Sorry, no pics of anything else because I’m having trouble getting them onto my computer. :/  GRRRR

~180 calories



It’s Monday so I went to my Monday night arms class and spinning.  The arms class is only 30 min. so there are quite a few of us who just go straight from there into the spin room.  It was awesome tonight and definitely a great workout!  I was a little worried at first because I did some swim intervals yesterday and my legs were more sore than I was expecting.  But they worked themselves out soon enough.



Burger night!  I had about a 1/4 lb. burger made with 95% lean ground beef, served open-faced atop Ezekial bread with spinach, ketchup, mustard, dill relish, and pepperjack cheese (!!!).  Yum.

I also had about 1/4 sweet potato with 1 tbsp. peanut butter and cinnamon for dessert.  It was so good!  Cleansed my palate very nicely.

And of course, before the night ended I found my fork in the fruit salad container.  It’s BOGO right now and I love it, so whenever we buy it I always end up eating some even though I am full!  I need to work on this.  I’m a fruit addict. 🙂

~160 calories



1868 (food) – 550 (exercise) = NET of 1318

Pretty good!  Under goal by 82, but I over ate slightly yesterday and the day before, so it should be all balanced out by now.


Now, I’m off to shower and hop in bead with Food Cures by Reader’s Digest.  I am really enjoying that book as it gives an awesome synopsis of the glycemic index/load.

Nighty night!


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