The True Meaning of Health and Harmonies

I thought I might end one chapter of my life and begin another with a thought that is very important to me: the true meaning of health and music.

A few weeks ago, I ran in a 2.62 mile long Run for Boston fun run with a very good friend of mine.

I told her about the run at school that day and she immediately said she wanted to do it.  At the time, I didn’t think she would actually do it, but sure enough, she showed up at the run later that evening.  My sister was running it, too, and I had originally planned on running with her, but because my friend came, I decided to stick with her.  Now my friend is not a runner and hadn’t run more than a mile straight in years, so I knew that this was going to be a challenge for her.  She started out at a pace that I knew she would not be able to maintain for very long, but I let her go with it.  Then, about halfway through, she wanted to walk.  Of course, me, being someone who likes to finish what she starts, told her to keep going and that I knew she could do it.  I started telling her stories about my first half marathon and different experiences of mine to keep her mind off of her own muscles.  She ended up running the WHOLE THING with me and I was so incredibly proud when we crossed the finish line together!

She felt amazing afterwards and must have thanked me 100 times.  My point in telling you all this is that I could have easily left her when she wanted to walk and focused on getting a good time for myself.  I could have let her walk to go break some small personal record of my own.  But, that wouldn’t have been nearly as worth it.  As an aspiring dietitian, I am someone who not only cares about my own health, but also the health of others.  If I had left her in order to get a faster time for myself, she wouldn’t have run the whole thing, she wouldn’t have felt nearly as inspired, and I wouldn’t have been hugged and thanked 10 million times afterwards for helping her through.  She thanked me again weeks later next to her signature in my yearbook, and that is way more meaningful than some small PR and something I will never forget.

In the same way, I also had a similar experience with my music this year.  I had the opportunity to work with middle schoolers on their music after school.  It was so refreshing to help students that were so willing and eager to learn.  They would do just about anything you asked them to.  Yeah, I lost some of my own time in doing this, but maybe now they will continue with music for the rest of their lives.  I hope that I made an impression on them, the way my teachers have made an impression on me.

So, passions have true meaning when they’re not all about what you can do for yourself, but they’re about what you can do for somebody else.

Question of the Day:

What is your meaning of health and harmonies?


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