Freshman: 2nd Semester

This semester has been very different from the last!  I actually didn’t think that last semester was all that difficult, and although I still had to work hard, it wasn’t has bad as some of my high school years!



Monday: 9 – 11:50am Chem Lab, 6 – 8:45pm Basic Principles of Human Nutrition (<— My first actual nutrition class!)

Tuesday: 8 – 9:15am Intro to Rhetoric & Narrative (basically English), 1 – 2:50pm Orchestra, 3:05 – 4:20pm Chem Lecture

Wednesday: no classes, I honestly don’t know how I pulled that one off!  It’s just how my schedule worked out this time.

Thursday: same as Tuesday

Friday: no classes


Who knew you could go to college and only have classes 3 days a week!?  It adds up to 14 credit hours, too.


So far, I am not loving chemistry as much as I did biology, but it’s still not bad.  However, I am in love with my basic principles of nutrition course!  Love, love, love it (although that is to be expected from a nutrition major 8)).


Tuesdays are probably one of the hardest days for me just because they are so LONG.  It starts with English, which can be kind of boring, but, overall, I really like my professor and she makes it pretty entertaining.  I’ve been really lucky to have some great English teachers over the years.  I always seem to avoid the bad ones!  I’m not complaining, though.  Afterwards, I typically sit in the library with a cup of coffee for a couple of hours before lunch.  Then comes the long afternoon, and then I go to spinning!  Spinning is, by far, the highlight of my Tuesdays.  It’s taught by my favorite instructor and always has music and energy.


I call Wednesdays my “coffee shop” days because I love to go to either Sippers or Starbucks and work all morning.  I just love the business crowd and getting off campus.


Thursdays are when I come home!!!  Yay 🙂


December 1, 2013 = Space Coast Half Marathon 2013 + My 19th Birthday

This day was so much fun and jam packed full of my favorite things – starting with my 3rd 1/2 marathon!



I absolutely love doing this race, but the 4am wake up call is pretty brutal.  The gun doesn’t go off until 6am, parking is rough, and I live about 30 minutes away, so 4am it was.  When my alarm went off, I had a million thoughts going through my head – “I’m 19!” “I’m going to be running in a couple hours!” “I better feel good today, because I need to crush last year’s time!”

I immediately started getting ready and by 4:45am, we were out the door.  I took my breakfast in the car, so I could strategically eat it at 5am, about an hour prior to racing.  I had 2 slices of cinnamon raisin toast, one with the tiniest shmear of Barney Butter.

Once we got there, parking wasn’t too bad because we found a vacant lot, but thank goodness for getting there early!  They capped the race this year (most likely because it was getting to be too many people for the small area of Cocoa Village), but we still had to park a little ways away from the start line.  No big deal, though.

I saw on the weather that it was supposed to be kind of warm (in the 70s), which I didn’t mind because I run best when it’s slightly warm.  It was cool upon arrival, however, and I stayed bundled up in my jacket until it was time to line up in the corrals.

As soon as we parked, I headed to the porta-potty line.  Last year, they had this giant LINE of them and I was actually able to go fairly quickly, but they had significantly less this year (maybe 1/2 as many!?).  I know the marathoners were being held in a holding area while the 1/2 marathoners were started first, so maybe there were more porta-potties there.  There were still plenty of marathoners in line around me, though…  Another issue that I heard about throughout race morning was the lack of toilet paper.  I used the last of the toilet paper when I used the porta-potty and that was 30 minutes before the race even started!  My mom said she stole extra when she went for later because she knew they were going to run out.

Soon enough, it was time for me to get in line and I found a good spot between the 9 minute and 10 minute signs.  Exactly where I wanted to be.  Before we all knew it, it was minutes until start time and someone started singing the National Anthem.  It started out really nicely and the person they got had a beautifully vibrant voice, however, the microphone started going in and out within seconds.  There were whole gaps that we couldn’t hear anyone singing at all.  And then, after about the 3rd gap, the crowd started filling in and singing.  Eventually everyone just continually sang and it was so neat to hear everyone contribute so that our National Anthem could be finished.  I saw people in tears by the end of the song and it was so touching.

After the singing of the National Anthem, we were started by a recording of a shuttle blast off and we were off!

The day before, I wrote the times that I should have a what mile markers because my HRM doesn’t give my pace.  I didn’t know whether it would be annoying to have to pull the card in and out of my Flipbelt to look at it, but it really wasn’t that bad.  I just started my HRM the second I crossed the start line and went by that time instead of the big race timers.

The first mile went by kind of slowly and it was tough to maneuver around all the people in the tiny space.  Although, it probably went by slowly because I completely missed the mile 2 banner.  I just kept thinking to myself that it had to be there somewhere.  I started getting worried because the time to pass the marker was long gone and I thought I was just going slowly.  Eventually I concluded that I must have just not seen it because too much time had passed.  I was so relieved when I saw the mile 3 banner and I was right on time!  By the time I was 1/2 way to the turn around point the crowd had thinned out and it was easier to just do my own thing.

After the first mile, the others just FLEW by.  I couldn’t believe it when I was at the 1/2 way point!  In all of my training runs, I started to feel the need for my mocha Cliff shot gel around mile 5-6, but during the race I had actually forgotten all about it until the turnaround at mile 6.5!  I felt so powerful and just kept thinking “This is my race!”  Despite feeling like I didn’t need it yet, I took a little bit of the gel at the turnaround because I knew it would probably help and prevent me from feeling crappy in the next few miles.

I ended up sticking to the times on my time card really well and was within seconds of goal pace every time.  My goal for the race was 2:10 and based on every training run, I knew I could make it easy peasy.  I just had to keep pushing and not fall into a slow mindless pace.  I had actually done my pace card times for a time of 2:09 so that I would be sure to make it!

I had the best time reliving the race that taught me so much last year.  Was it really just a year ago that I was stressed over my senior project?  So much has changed since then and it seems so far away…  The sunrise over the river was beautiful and we even saw dolphins around mile 4!  What a blessing 🙂

The way back definitely flew by and before I knew it I was nearing the final mile.  The only bad thing about the last mile or two is that there was a strong HEADWIND.  I was trying to kick my pace up a notch and finish strong, but the wind made sure that, although I was working harder, I was not going any faster.  I think I actually gave a big “Ugh!” because of the wind once or twice.  lol

And then, just like that, it was upon me!  The finish line!!!  I honestly could not believe I was finished.  It came so fast!  I rounded the circular finish line giving it everything I had left.  This race meant so much to me and I was finishing as strong as possible.  I looked for my parents and sister, but I couldn’t find them in the crowd that was flashing by.  (It turns out that they were very close to the start of the circular portion of the finish line.)  As I passed runner after runner, I remembered all of the memories and thoughts going through my head from last year.  I was so worn through, which was so opposite to how I felt then.  I felt such a powerful feeling of strength and just wanted to bottle all of these thoughts and hold onto them.  I crossed the finish line in 2:07:45!  Way under goal 8)

Once I went through the tunnel-like finish line, I immediately went to find my mom, dad, and sister.  I found them pretty quick and slathered them in hugs.  (Funny story: there was a man at the finish line handing out cold wet towels to finishers and I happened to see my parents rights as he asked me if I wanted one.  I responded, “No I want a hug first!” and went to hug my dad instead!  Ha ha)

Then, after much discussion over how well I did and good I felt, we found a friend of ours in the crowd!  My old tennis coaches’ son was their because his wife was running the race and came in right around when I did.  We talked to him (and pet his adorable golden retriever) for a while before we all started getting hungry.  I got a banana and some juice (they have Natalie’s juice at this race = the best).  We had plans to go out to birthday/post-race celebratory breakfast afterwards, but before we left I wanted a look at the times boards to see the times of the people who placed.  I went up not expecting to see anything but crazy-fast times…but…my name was on it!  I saw MY name listed as 3rd place in my age group.  I was totally floored.  I immediately ran back to tell my family and we realized that if we wanted to stick around to get my award, we couldn’t go out to breakfast.

Luckily, my parents had gone to get coffee after the gun went off at the start of the race and found this cute little cafe that was open extra early for the racers and families.  It was right around the corner and within walking distance, so we decided to just head there instead of skipping the ceremony.  It wasn’t my first place of choice, but it ended up being really good!  I got an iced coffee and a really yummy egg-cheese-spinach pastry thing.  So good.

We finished just in time to head back to collect my award.  I didn’t have to wait long until my shiny plaque was in my hands and I was posing for a picture with astronaut Mike McCulley and some guy in a space suit.  It was awesome in every way.

We made our way back to the car and I said goodbye to the race until next year 😦  This race is definitely near and dear to me and I can’t wait to do it again next year!


Rest of the Day:

Once home, I showered and lounged for a good bit of the day.  Next thing on the agenda: birthday lentil loaf for dinner and carrot cake for dessert.  Mmmmm…  Mom spent a lot of effort making me my favorite meal of lentil loaf and I certainly enjoyed every bite of it.

The carrot cake was a new recipe that we hadn’t tried before from my Cooking Light cookbook and we were slightly nervous that it wouldn’t come out really tasty.  I wanted something semi-healthy but with the same great taste of the regular cake with cream cheese frosting.  The cake turned out fabulous!  It was literally some of the best carrot cake we’ve ever had.  For the frosting we used a Truvia baking blend instead of sugar and I still thought it was wonderful.  Mom didn’t like that the little crystals didn’t fully blend and left gritty bits in the frosting, but it didn’t bother me so much.  Best birthday cake ever 🙂


It was one of the bets birthdays I could have asked for and I spent it doing what I love (exercising and eating). 8)  Last year of being a teenager!

Freshman Fall Semester = DONE!

I have been absent from the blog for a little while now as a result of impending finals, but the good news is, I took my last final on Tuesday and I have been fulfilling my baker’s itch and enjoying home ever since.  Here’s an update on what I’ve been up to since you last saw me:

  • I ran my 3rd half marathon in 2:07:20 (16 minutes faster than my 2nd!)
  • I turned 19 (!)
  • I saw the Nutcracker with Mom at school
  • I studied for and took 4 finals at school (bio lab practical, philosophy, stats, and bio)

I think, technically, I am considered a sophomore credit-wise, but I am still a first-time-in-college freshman.

I’m going to do a full recap of my birthday and my half marathon soon, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

I thought I might share some of my latest eats.  I’ve been SO happy fixing my own food at home!

Photo  One of my last and most fun lunches at school.  A pretzel hummus cup with a side salad and a Naked green juice.  YUM


Photo  Oatmeal pancakes!  This one was topped with applesauce and flax.  Coffee on the side. MMMMM

Photo  Portobello burgers.  I LOVE portobello burgers.  With the crispiest sweet potato fries on the side 🙂

Photo  Lots of bulked up soup.  So. many. vegetables.

  When Mom came up to see the Nutcracker with me we went to Seasons 52 afterwards for dinner.  It might be my new favorite restaurant!

  Cheese sandwich with spinach and tomato on Ezekiel.  Honey crisp apple, big spinach salad (an attempt at a recreate from Seasons), and a yogurt mixed with cinnamon.  I loved taking a bite of yogurt in between sections to clean my palate!


I’ll be back with more soon, but right now I just finished lunch and am going on a walk!  I love freedom…

Thanksgiving 2013

Wow, these last few days have absolutely FLOWN by!


Starting with Wednesday:

My stats professor adamantly refused to cancel class on Wednesday.  Seeing as it was at 1pm and my Philosophy professor did cancel class, I was left from 1:30pm on Tuesday to 1pm on Wednesday with very little to do.  Ugh.  Of course, I had a philosophy paper to write, which I did end up starting, but it just seemed like a waste of time when I could be home prepping for Thanksgiving.  I tried and tried to make excuses for myself to skip stats and just go home on Tuesday like the rest of the student body, but I ultimately decided I needed to be in class.  My professor doesn’t take attendance, so that wasn’t the issue.  The quizzes/tests/homework are pretty much based all on her lectures, so not going would have made 10x more work for me in the long run. *sigh*

On the bright side, I did get to Power Circuits on Tuesday and I did a stat. bike workout on Wednesday morning.  I can tell I’m getting a lot stronger muscle-wise – especially in my arms! 😀

Many of the students went home early and I didn’t have a ton to do, so Dad decided to drive up and pick me up as opposed to me driving home by myself.  My parents were mainly worried about the holiday traffic and me not having a lot of busy highway experience.  So, after loading up the car, Dad and I went to brunch at Sippers!  It was really cold (in the low 50s!), so a nice latte and a hot breakfast sandwich sounded perfect to both of us.  We both enjoyed every last bite 🙂

Our tummies full, we drove back to campus, I went to class, and Dad went to go wander around and explore until it was time to leave.  As soon as class was over, we hopped in the car and made our way home!  The traffic didn’t end up being that bad and didn’t seem that much heavier than normal.

When we got home we spent the rest of the evening baking and cooking for Thursday.

Whew!  What a day.



It was hosted at our house this year, as always, and the day started with a nice 3 miler.  I really really REALLY wanted to do more, but it was just 3 days before race day and I knew that I needed to stick with 3. 😦  I took it easy on the pace and finished feeling like I hadn’t even earned my Thanksgiving indulgences…  I ate them anyway 😀  I did some abs exercises afterwards, too.

When I got back, I quickly ate a cinnamon roll (from the previous evening) and a small green smoothie.  The rest of the morning was spent watching the parade, taking Daly for a walk, and doing various other preparations.  At 1pm, still without a shower, I helped my friend bring her dishes over that she contributed.  Her family went out of town for the holiday and she couldn’t go because of work, so we took her in for the holiday immediately!  After helping her, I quickly showered (finally…) and then, around 4pm it was meal time!  I was too busy prepping and visiting to take pics, but our spread consisted of:

  • turkey
  • gravy
  • dressing
  • cranberry sauce
  • green beans
  • sweet potato casserole
  • mashed potatoes
  • lime cheese salad
  • rolls
  • quinoa salad

For some reason this year, everybody wanted to contribute a dish, which was fabulous so that my mom didn’t have to wear herself out cooking everything.

For dessert we had:

  • pumpkin pie
  • cherry pie
  • cranberry oatmeal bars

Feeling absolutely stuffed, Dad, sister, and I went on a short walk after everyone left and went to bed happy!



Friday was spent doing homework (stats, philosophy).  My stats professor still assigned us homework!  Some due on Friday at 10am.  I was not. happy.  Alas, I did it anyway…

The best part of the day, however, was when we got our Christmas tree!  We went to the same place we get our tree every year and it didn’t disappoint. We got a beautiful tree and we can’t wait to decorate it when I get back home in just over a week!

On the way home, we stopped at Starbucks and got some drinks.  I didn’t want one to myself, but I did have a few sips of Mom and Dad’s.

The rest of the evening was spent relaxing and watching Hallmark Christmas movies. 😀



By Saturday, I was really getting antsy for some physical exercise and just wanted to have a good workout!  I knew I would run 10x better, though, if I just stayed put and saved up my energy for Sunday.  To promote some sitting, Mom and I went to the movies to see Frozen.  It was really cute!  I had a few handfuls of her popcorn, too.

After the movie, we came home, ate a quick lunch, and then Dad and I went off to race expo!  We didn’t actually need to go the expo because I already had my packet, but I just love expos so much that I wanted to get in the “race mood.”  It was hosted at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s Complex and we had a great time looking at products and drinking Natalie’s juice samples.  If you ever get the chance, get their juice.  Natalie’s makes the best!

When we got home, I made some lovely macaroni and cheese to carb load for dinner and was to bed early-ish for my early wake-up call.


I’ll be back with a full recap of Space Coast 1/2 Marathon 2013 soon!

Fast Five & Narly Nine

Cute title, huh?  I couldn’t think of a better adjective that started with N!


This weekend was another wonderful one spent at home and included lot of exercise!


On Saturday, I got up to do a 5 mile run.  Since it was a shorter run and a week before the 1/2, I decided to make it speedy.  Mom was biking behind me again, but she didn’t tell me what speed I was going until close to the end.  I just went as fast as I thought I could maintain for 5 miles.  At the end she told me I ended up going consistently 6.6-6.8 mph and I finished in 44 minutes!!!  That might not seem fast to you, but that’s REALLY good for me.  I am not a fast runner, by any means, but I’m getting better. 🙂  I was so proud of myself for making it through that speedy run.  It gives me hope that I will be able to finish next year’s 1/2 marathon in under 2 hours!  Eeeek!

The rest of the day was spent planning the Thanksgiving menu, grocery shopping, and eating 😀  I ❤ planning.


Sunday was wonderful, too, as Dad and I participated in a 90 minute spin class that they had at the gym.  It wasn’t as hard as 2 hour spin from a few weeks ago (obviously), but it was still pretty challenging.  I had a bowl of oatmeal first thing when I got up because spin wasn’t until 11:45am, but I needed a snack before we left.  Sadly, I ate too much and it weighed pretty heavy on me for the first 30 minutes.  I had toast with too much nut butter…  Also, my HRM didn’t start reading until 45 minutes in!  I am really getting frustrated with it and I’m wondering if I just need a new one.  Hopefully it will be working for Sunday!  In spin, we did 3 different styles: a rotation between positions for the first 30 minutes, tabata intervals for the second 30, and some hilly stuff for the last 30.  It was great and I was a sweaty mess by the end.

I spent the rest of the day doing homework and getting stuff organized for Monday.


Fabulous weekend!

Busiest Wednesday Ever!

Yesterday was quite the day!

It all started when I woke up at 6:30am to get in a quick run before the hussel and bussel of the day started.  It was still dark and pretty cloudy at 7am when I planned to leave, so I decided to wait it out for a half hour to see if it lot light enough outside for me to go.  Meanwhile, I pittered around the room, got dressed, and tried to talk myself out of going.  But, alas, by 7:30am, there was enough sunlight outside to warrant me going to run and if I didn’t go then, I wouldn’t be able to go at all.  So run I did!  I did a fast 3.6 miles.  I’m not sure how long it took me because I didn’t wear my heart rate monitor and the stoplights messed up my timing, but I’m guessing it took me about 32 minutes.  It felt fast to me!

When I got back, I drank my smoothie (my favorite combo right now is yogurt + milk + banana + berries + pineapple + spinach) and ate a muffin, quickly showered, stretched a bit, then it was time to go to the first concert of the day.


Kid’s Concert:

At 10:30am, the orchestra did a concert for elementary school children from the area.  I would have LOVED to see a college orchestra when I was in elementary school!  The auditorium was packed with little kids who seemed to all be bursting with excitement.  While all the kids were filing in and we were waiting to start, a few of the string players did some improv with some percussionists to keep the kids entertained.

Unfortunately, I could only play in the first two pieces because I had to get to Philosophy, but it was still fun!  Whenever the piece had a significant silence, pause, or movement change, the children would start boisterously applauding!  Ha ha!  It was funny because they didn’t know they weren’t supposed to clap.


I rushed off to Philosophy (I was 10 minutes late, but he just started so it was okay), then headed to lunch.  My smoothie didn’t do much for holding me over because I was absolutely starving when I got to the dining hall.


Later, I went to stats, and directly after, I went to a living-learning community meeting for next year.  I’m think of living in the college of health community next year (it’s just one of my options), and this was supposed to be an information session.  I say “supposed to be” because I was the ONLY ONE who showed up!  Why does this always happen to me…  The lady basically just asked me my major and what I wanted to get out of the community if I joined and she gave me an application.  I was out in less than 15 minutes.  *sigh*


I headed back to my room, did stats homework, talked to Mom for a bit, then went to dinner.  I had chickpea stew which was really good!  So many chickpeas! ❤


Evening Concert:

By 7:30pm, the orchestra was on stage playing our Mozart concert.  I was really excited because we got to play in the big performance hall and not just the theater at the back.  All the sounds sounded 10 times better in there!  We played several pieces, one of which was a violin concerto with an 11 year old from Tampa.  He was SO good, but my stand partner and I could not get over his cuteness.  Adorable.  It was amazing how much he could phrase and put in so much expression at such a young age.

However, my favorite piece that we played was the piano concerto.  We got to play we the university’s pianist and she was so incredibly nice and you could tell she was extremely passionate about what she did.  Her playing was phenomenal!

I played for 2 straight hours and by the end my left shoulder and low back was killing me by the end.  It was so worth it, though. 🙂


When I got back to the room, I crashed and burned and went straight to bed!

12.5 Miles

This weekend was another wonderful and relaxing one spent at home thanks to no homework!  I didn’t even realize I didn’t have any until I started thinking about what I had to do on my way home.

On Friday night I did something completely out of character for me – I stayed up until 11:30pm watching a movie (Cheaper by the Dozen 2, if you were wondering).  That might not be late for you, but it’s late for me!

On Saturday, I ran some errands with Dad and just did random things.  It was lovely to just lounge around a bit!  In the evening I made some pumpkin dinner rolls as a trial for Thanksgiving.  I found the recipe online and I meant to 1/2 the recipe, but mistakenly forgot, so we ended up with 36 dinner rolls!  At least they were good 🙂  They are going to be lovely as a side on Thanksgiving!


Sunday was much more eventful as I had 12.5 miles on the docket for 1/2 marathon training.  I was nervous about this run because it was my last long run before the race and I was on my feet the entire day before (shopping + baking on tile floor!)  I woke up in the morning and they felt tired because of all the standing, but I couldn’t put off the run.  It was now or never.  So, I got dressed, ate 2 slices of pumpkin cinnamon swirl bread, and was off with Mom riding behind me.

I have figured out that I prefer to have 2 slices of plain toast rather than 1 slice with nut butter.  The nut butter seems to sit heavy on my stomach.  Whatever works!  Plus, this bread is low fiber and it’s not whole wheat, which makes for quick energy as opposed to the high fiber wheat bread that I usually eat.

As an early birthday present, Dad got some compression sleeves for me the day before while we were out so I could try them out on my long run.  I was really excited to try them because I have heard wonderful things about them and how they reduce soreness and increase energy.  I got some lovely bright pink ones 🙂  When I was all dressed in my favorite running shirt, shorts, shoes with special running socks, visor, heart rate monitor, hand bottle, and compression sleeves, I felt like one of “those” runners!  You know, the ones that look “officia”l because they have all the shmancy equipment.  It was awesome 😀

I walked a little bit to warm up, then started running.  The first 5 miles were HARD.  I don’t know if it was the sleeves or simply because I had been on my feet the previous day, but my calves were screaming at me!  They just felt so sore.  I told Mom at about mile 3 that they were really bothering me and she suggested taking the compression sleeves off, but I really wanted to stick with them.  Almost as soon as I hit mile 5, they stopped hurting.  Like flipping a switch!  Woo hoo!

At mile 6 I took out my Cliff Shot gel (mocha) and slowly went through it for the next 6.5 miles.  I have come to the realization that I am going to have to take water at the stations on race day, because I had to have Mom fill mine up with her water 1/2 way through.  Hopefully that will work!

The second 1/2 of the run was much easier than the first, amazingly, and I had that lovely long-run feeling when I finished.  It felt so. good.  I finished in 2:01, too!  Which puts me at finishing around 2:06 if I keep that pace.  I am a little scared because Mom tells me what pace I’m going so I know if I need to speed up or slow down.  Hopefully I can just feel it without her telling me on race day…


I am so glad that I finished strong despite a rough start!

I’m off to go to a showing of Forks Over Knives!

Surviving the Holidays Nutrition Workshop

Well, it’s been a pretty quiet week for me with no Health class today and no bio lab tomorrow.  I finished my philosophy paper last weekend, so I only have some edits to do now, and I finished stats yesterday afternoon (my Wednesday afternoons are almost always dedicated to stats homework!).  But, today I worked out my schedule so I could attend a Holiday Survival Guide Nutrition Workshop!



I had planned to go to Sippers this morning for breakfast to take advantage of Health class being canceled.  That would have meant going to spin class at 5:30pm, which I was totally fine with, until I found out about the workshop going on from 5-6pm.  So, in favor of attending the workshop, I decided to attend the 7:25am spin class instead to free up my evening.

It was really tough for me to motivate myself to get out of bed this morning and if I had only had one alarm set, I would have turned it off and gone back to sleep.  I didn’t have a class until 12:15pm after all!  But, alas, that is the beauty of setting 2 alarms and placing one strategically across the room.  As always, once my feet hit the floor, I thought I might as well go because I was already up.  I ate an apple on my (cold!) walk to the gym.  The weather app on my phone has stopped working, so I didn’t know how cold it was going to be.  (I have since downloaded a new, working weather app.)  With frozen fingers and toes, I walked into the spin room just 2 minutes early to find the instructor had only just arrived.  I got in the room, hurriedly set up my bike, and started pedaling to warm up.  I looked at the clock and it was 7:25am exactly and there were 2 people, including myself.  We didn’t end up starting until 7:35am – 10 minutes late!  More people trickled in late for up to 30 minutes after the class was supposed to start.  I knew this instructor wasn’t my favorite because I have attended this class once before, so I just told myself I was going to do my best.  I was trying to work really hard and before I knew it we seemed to be done.  I looked at the clock – it was 7:20am.  That means the instructor started 10 minutes late and ended 5 minutes early.  What!?  I was very frustrated.  This class was just not taken seriously and it seemed like very few people were fully committed to being there.  Ugh!  At least my workout was done…

After walking back across campus and grabbing a breakfast of cereal (Total + Cheerios w/ skim and banana) in the dining hall, I went back to the room, showered, worked for a little bit, then it was time to head to early lunch before bio. 



I really wasn’t hungry, but it was then or at 3pm and I knew I wouldn’t last until then, so 11:15am it was.  I had a salad, bean soup, and a wheat roll.

I went to bio, orchestra, then came back to the room to have a snack of greek yogurt with unsweetened cocoa powder, Truvia, granola, and trail mix.  This snack was bigger than I intended, but I didn’t feel like I’d really over eaten, so maybe I just needed more food than I thought?  After eating and relaxing for a few minutes, I went to go fill up my car with gas, so I wouldn’t have to before leaving tomorrow.  I get to register for classes at 3:45pm, which is right in the middle of my drive home!  So, my solution is that I’m going to drive until I get to a good exit that has a restaurant with free wifi and I’m going to stop there, set up my computer, and register for Spring classes as soon as 3:45pm hits!  I have scoped out all the exits and in order to get to the one that I want to, I’m going to need to leave as soon as I get out of stats tomorrow afternoon!

I quickly made my trip to the gas station, then came back and left for the nutrition workshop.


Holiday Survival Guide Workshop:

This workshop was SO fun and I’m really glad I worked it out in my schedule so that I could go.  It was done by a dietetic intern who I met about a month ago at a different workshop.  She is super nice and even remembered my name!  I have gotten to know her and the dietitian on campus and I’m really glad I have.  They are such nice people and terrific resources for me.

Anyway, we went through a lot of tips to be the healthiest you can be in amongst all the temptations at this time of year.  We got healthier versions of classic holiday recipes, recipe modification tips, and free prizes!  I won a cute lunch box.  I’m going to take the recipes and tips home and share them with my family this weekend!  They were really good, because many of them I had never heard before.  I read quite a bit and go to workshops all the time, and sometimes it seems like I just get the same tips over and over again.  There were some common ones in there (drink more water, move more), but there were some new ones in there, too (picking the foods that you enjoy the most and leaving the things you could live without).  I will be sure to implement as many of these tips as possible this holiday season!


I’m off to go make a smoothie for breakfast tomorrow and then get ready to come home tomorrow!

Fabulous Day Off

Monday was such a wonderful and exciting day!



Mom, Dad, and I were all up bright and early at 6:30am because we had plans for them to drive me back to school, but instead of just dropping me off, we all explored parts of the city instead.  Because we had Veteran’s Day off, I didn’t have classes and Dad didn’t have work, so it a wonderful day off.  We were originally planning on leaving at around 7am, but we were all pretty tired and in favor of a more relaxing morning, so we opted to wait until 8 or 9am to leave.  With the later leave time, I packed up my school stuff and went on a walk with Dad and Daly.  It was PERFECT walking weather!

We had plans to get brunch at a restaurant on the road, so I had a small snack when we got back from our walk to hold me over.  I mixed 3/4 cup of cottage cheese, a heaping tbsp pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice, Truvia, and 1 tbsp ground flax.  I ate about 3/4 of it and gave the rest to Dad.  I ate a banana, too.

After relaxing for half an hour and watching part of a Christmas Hallmark movie (love them!), we packed up the car and hit the road.

We stopped at Cracker Barrel after about 30 minutes and I immediately knew I was going to like my meal because they had a nice-looking wholesome menu.  I got the french toast with a citrus-y yogurt sauce and it was so. good.  I had Mom’s scrambled eggs too.  A lot of times, restaurants make “healthy” menus, but they are really just chemicals and skimpy portions sizes.  This was perfect.  In total, I had the french toast plate, Mom’s 2 scrambled eggs, coffee with 1% milk and 1 packet of sugar, and 1/2 of one of Mom’s pancakes.  Mmmmmm.  I would definitely eat that again. and again. and again.


We traveled for another 2 hours on the highway and then we were there!  We drove around, scoping out places for me to live next year – and I can say I think we have some very good options.  It was so fun!  After looking at places to live, we went to Publix to get my groceries for the week and snacked on a few Popchips.  I probably had about 3/4 of a serving.  I didn’t need them!  We then had to make a Target run because Mom left her sunglasses somewhere and we couldn’t find them!  (I eventually found them later, but we don’t know how we missed them when we looked earlier…)  We had to get her a new pair, so while she looked for some, I wandered around the grocery section…obviously 😀  We ended up buying some trail mix and some candy, too, but that Christmas candy and it was a crazy-good price.  And they were in cute little individual packets, so no over-eating!

After leaving Target, we decided to go ahead and have late lunch/early dinner.  Because we ate breakfast late and it was a big meal, we only got hungry for our next meal around 3:30pm!


Early Dinner:

Dad requested a couple days before this trip that he wanted to go to Salt Life the next time he came up to visit.  We found the restaurant when we were touring the campus last year and all had such wonderful meals there, so we all agreed to go.  It’s located on the beach and has a wonderful beach-y atmosphere and amazing food.  The last time we went, I got a turkey burger (I don’t eat seafood) and it was really good, but I wanted something different this time.  I ordered a Portabella Veggie Sandwich and it was AMAZING.  I was worried that it wouldn’t be very substantial because it was a “veggie” sandwich, but it was so. good.


Yes, that was one sandwich.  And I consumed it all.  It was: grilled portabella mushrooms, roasted red peppers, lettuce, tomato, melty havarti cheese, and aioli all between two slices of ciabatta bread!  My goodness, I would order that again in a heart beat.

And I saved just enough room for…


Fried plantains!  I LOVE fried plantains and these were crispy and absolutely delicious.  I split them with Mom.


After eating, we made our way back to Town Center and window shopped for about half an hour before Mom and Dad had to get on the road.  I went back to my room, got some things done, and went to bed.  It was a fabulous day!

11 miles

I did it!  I wanted to go back to bed SO. BAD. this morning, but I did it.  I completed my 11 mile training run.  Whew!  It was a tough one, too.



I was up at 6:15am and was eating a 2 slices of pumpkin cinnamon toast with Barney Butter at 6:30am.  I had a little less than a tbsp of BB on one slice and ate the other slice plain.  This is seriously the tastiest thing ever.  I felt really tired this morning despite getting over 8 hours of sleep 2 nights in a row.  I think it was all the walking around and being on my feet more two days in a row.  I had planned on leaving by 7am, but I felt like I needed more time to digest and warm up so we (Mom biked with me) left around 7:30am.  For warm up today I did a little stretching, some squats, and some lunges around the house.  I think it helped a little, but not as much as I would have thought… 

I wanted to try a new route in an effort to keep myself entertained, but the plan back-fired a bit.  Instead of doing a bunch of ins-and-outs, we did an out-and-back route to somewhere I had never run before.  We do this route on our bikes all the time and really like it, but it was quite different on foot.  Much more boring.  Grrr!  Good to note.

I was so mad at myself because I forgot to turn on my HRM until mile 3!  UGH!  I was so disappointed, but Mom had a timer on her bike so it wasn’t too much of a loss.  I did turn it on when I remembered, though, and my HR was around 170 most of the time, going a little above/below in certain conditions.  There was a pretty good headwind, too, which I didn’t appreciate until we turned around.  There was no breeze at all on certain roads on the way back and it was hot.  The route was only shaded for a small portion and I really began to feel over-heated at one point.  All I could think about the entire run was a huge glass of ice cold water.  The water in my hand bottle was warm 😦

At mile 5 I started a fuel gel and took bits of it for the rest of the run.  I had a vanilla bean Gu last week for 10 miles, but wasn’t really impressed.  It was just okay.  Today I used a Cliff Mocha gel and LOVED it.  It has a “litter leash” so you aren’t stuck holding onto the ripped-off part of the package.  That was really appreciated!  I also liked the taste.  Some gel shots are really unappealing and are only good because they give you a little energy.  I really liked the taste of this one, though.  This particular flavor also has caffeine in it, which is a good bonus.  I’m not really sure if that helped any more than if I had not had caffeine, but I don’t think it hurt.

I think I have finally gotten the hang of taking the gel shots!  I have a love/hate relationship with them.  I love them because they make me feel better and give me some energy.  I hate them because they are all sticky in my mouth, are super sweet, and I have to carry them in my hand.  BUT, I have finally mastered them!  If I just take a bit of one and immediately swallow it and not really taste it in my mouth, they are much less sticky and easier to get down.  If I taste it more, it can get caught in my throat and make it hard to swallow and breathe, but just taking it really quickly helps alleviate some of that.

That gel shot definitely helped, but the run was still hard.  When I started out, Mom told me I was going 6.5 mph, which is a little higher than my goal pace and I didn’t want to start out to quickly.  I slowed down, but it felt SO slow.  After a couple miles I was able to sense my pace more and keep it at a consistent 6.3/6.4 mph.  I did have to remind myself several times, though, to not slow down and keep up my pace.

I ultimately finished in 1:47!  Right on pace 🙂



When we got back, I got that big glass of ice water and a banana while I made breakfast.


2 slices cinnamon raisin Ezekiel toast with a smidge of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter (probably about 1/2 tbsp) + 2 eggs with about 2 tbsp Italian cheese.  This is my favorite post-run breakfast!  Enjoyed out on the back porch.


After eating, I cleaned up the kitchen, showered, stretched, and got down to work on my Philosophy essay.  After just an hour and a half I finished it!  Woo hoo!



I got hungry around 1:30pm, but we were eating lunch/dinner at 3pm with sister when she got off work, so I just wanted a snack.

I had an apple with PB2.  I would have had regular pb, but that sounded a bit too heavy since we would be eating soon.


I did some stuff around the house until “dinner” at 3pm.



Photo  Photo

Mom’s parmesan chicken, green beans made with bacon (weak-at-the-knees good…) and sprinkled with grated parmesan, and 1/2 sweet potato with cinnamon and a laughing cow cheese wedge stirred in!


After dinner, I helped clean up (ate another serving of green beans) and made cookies for my family.  Oatmeal raisin and oatmeal chocolate chip!  I had a handful of dark chocolate chips while making the batter – I ate way too many (which I stole a couple bites of, too)!

I got to practice viola this evening too!  I don’t get as much time as I’d like to practice during the week, so I enjoyed playing tonight.


Now, I’m off to go get ready for bed and pack my stuff up for tomorrow!